The best ways to remove hair from sensitive areas

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The best ways to remove hair from sensitive areas – ” Contents1 Sensitive areas2 The best ways to remove hair from sensitive areas3 referencessensitive areasSensitive areas of both sexes are pubic and armpits, and these two areas are among the areas covered with a thick percentage of hair, and every individual must remove this hair and get rid of it; Because it causes many health problems, because it causes the smell of a strong and disturbing sweat, and there are many methods used to eliminate hair from sensitive areas, and some of them come.The best ways to eliminate hair from sensitive areasOne of the ways that can be used to eliminate hair from sensitive areas is the following:ShavingShaving can use the electric shaving machine or use a shaving blade, and this method is characterized by its ease and asceticism, because it does not cause pain when used, and it is done as follows: [1]Sterilization of a razor or shaving blade.Put a quantity of water on the area to which the hair is to be removed.Apply cream, gel or moisturizer; To moisturize the skin, reduce irritation.Spread the skin well and slowly shave a shaving machine or blade over the area towards the hair growth.Wash the maki or blade after each pass.Hair RemoverChemical mo

2 The best ways to remove hair from sensitive areas

vers can be used to remove hair that come in the form of creams, as they weaken the keratin in the hair, and they are easily removed, but please take into account that these creams can cause irritation or sensitivity, and can be used as follows: [1]Put the cream on the sensitive area.Wait several minutes.Wipe off the cream and the hair.WaxingThe wax method can be used at home, but it is better to do it under the supervision of a specialized expert, because the hair is removed from the roots, and this method can be painful; But it can reduce the periods of hair growth, and the method of use comes: [1]The area to remove the hair.Put the hot wax and put the wax bar on it.Remove the strip firmly and quickly on the area, and so the hair will be removed.LaserLaser rays are used to destroy the hair follicles, so that they do not grow anymore, and they are more effective for people who have black hair, because they absorb the laser rays more quickly, and this method needs between 6 to 8 sessions to get rid of the hair permanently , and while the method of application of this method comes: [2]]Shave the area to remove the hair 2-3 days before applying this method.Expose the area to laser ra

ys.The sessions should be repeated every 6-8 weeks.electrolysisIn this method, the hair follicles are destroyed by exposing the area to an electric current, and this reduces the growth of new hair, as this method is suitable for people who have light hair, which can not be removed using laser. [3]Hair removalVery common hair removal machines can be used to remove hair from the pillow, and this method is done as follows: [4]Wash the area under the armpits with warm water, then dry it.Lift the arm over the head to tighten the skin.Hold the machine at a 45 degree angle and run it over the hair until the person gets used to the pain.Hold the machine at a 90 degree angle and run it over the hair in all directions until the hair is completely removed.Apply a moisturizing gel or aloe vera to the skin after completing the hair removal; to reduce redness in the area.This process can be repeated every 4 to 6 weeksthe reviewerWas the article helpful?

The best ways to remove hair from sensitive areas

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