The causes and treatment of dark circles

1 dark circles and their treatment

The causes and treatment of dark circles – ” Contents1 Dark circles and their treatment2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles3 Treating dark circles4 VIDEO Treatment of dark circles5 referencesDark circles and their treatmentDark circles under the eyes are among the common problems among people, which are darkness and darkness in the layer of leather under the eye, and therefore this skin appears in a color that differs from the rest of the skin color of the face, but for each individual before proceeding to treat these auras to identify the causes and factors that lead to the emergence of this problem. [1]The reasons for the emergence of dark circlesAmong the most important reasons for the emergence of dark circles are the following: [2] [3]Anemia caused by the low level of iron in the blood, this decrease directly affects the area under the eyes and causes darkening, and women are more vulnerable to dark circles resulting from anemia, because they lose large amounts of blood during childbirth and During menstruation, so it must compensate for what lack of iron by eating iron-rich foods such as fresh vegetables, black honey, liver, spinach and others.Genetic factors, some genetic factors can cause circles around t

2 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles

he eyes, and this problem can be reduced and cannot be treated permanently.Dryness under the eyes that causes constant itching, and thus causes the individual to rub the eyes severely, and the treatment for this condition is to keep this area constantly wet.Excessive intake of salt and smoking significantly, as these two behaviors cause fluid retention inside the blood vessels, especially the vessels around the eyes, and this retention spreads and swells this area and thus the dark circles appear.Lack of sleep and staying up late at night in addition to sleep disorders, so that each individual must sleep daily for nearly eight hours.Fatigue and exhaustion cause paleness of the face and greatly affect the area under the eyes.Age increases the appearance and clarity of dark circles on the face, due to dramatically dry skin under the eyes.Lack of adequate amounts of drinking water every day.Exposure to sunlight and without protecting the skin with sunscreen.Drink a lot of drinks that contain stimulants, such as: coffee, nescafe, tea and soft drinks.Take certain medications, especially those that increase the area of the blood vessels.Use of cosmetics considerably.Sensitivity that caus

3 Treating dark circles

es itchy eyes, examples of allergies, animal allergies and dust.Treating dark circlesTo treat dark circles, the following steps should be followed:[4]Washing the face using cold water daily, as cold water stimulates blood circulation in the skin.Make cold tea compresses and put them on the eyes for fifteen minutes and every day.Apply potato paste, cucumber and tomatoes on the eyes for a third of an hour, and repeat this method daily and get rid of even dark circles.Dark circles treatment videoOne of the most disturbing women most specifically! What are the ways to treat the problem of dark circles? :the reviewerWas the article helpful?

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The causes and treatment of dark circles

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