The components of the Sudanese dictation

1 Sudanese Duke

The components of the Sudanese dictation – “Contents1 Sudanese duke2 components of black dominationThe Sudanese dukeIt is a type of ornament that the Sudanese woman uses, and it is a paste that is used to lighten and moisturize the skin, so that it removes the pigmentation of the skin and thus unifies the color of the skin, because it stimulates the blood circulation and gives the Body A fragrant smell that lasts for days, and as a result of massing the body with it, it works to tighten the muscles of the body and get rid of the advantage.The woman uses it greatly before marriage and after birth, and it is allowed to state that the pellets are white and black, and each of them is different from the other, the black one is the most used for a married woman and it is either In milking or with corn flour, while the white pillow is used by girls who have not yet been married and its multiple types.The components of black dominationDuke of MahlabThree cups of ground milk.One cup of cloves located in water overnight.One cup of lemon juice diluted with a little water.One cup of ground sandal.One cup of ground braid.One cup of ground musk.Talha Bood.A quarter bottle of sandal perfume.French perfume Qarmour.A quarter bottle of India

2 components of black domination

n Sarteh perfume.Sudanese girl’s perfume.How to prepareHeat the milk on low heat, then we can.We put the sifted milk in a bowl, then added the lemon juice and knead.Feel the dough with a large wooden plate inside until it sticks completely to the plate, then stir the plate on a smoke hole, then cover the plate and well the hole, then leave it until the color of the dough changes, then we Raise it from the smoke fire and knead it again with the mixture of lemon and milk.We put it back on the smoke and repeat this process for three days until it turns black and ripens and falls from the cup.Pet it with the rest of the flavor ingredients, then keep it in a tightly sealed bowl in the refrigerator until used.CornmealOne cup of ground lupine.One cup of cornmeal.Two tablespoons of underground chickpeas.One cup of cornstarch.One cup of rose water.One cup of chopped chickpeas.One spoonful of sesame oil.Water as much as a cup of coffee.One tablespoon of bitter almond oil.Two large spoons of lemon juice.1 tablespoon of ground musk.1 tablespoon of olive to prepareSoak the crushed pods with water overnight, then put the rest of the ingredients in a bowl over low heat with constant stirr

ing until the ingredients hold together and become like a soft, cohesive paste at the same time.We smoke the mixture as the previous method of smoking with the mixture kneaded each time with the mixture of soaked pod, and if the paste needs a sweetness, add a little rose water.We put the drain in a tightly closed bowl in the refrigerator, and when we use, we put an appropriate amount in a bowl with a spoon, then massage the body with the hand until it dries and begins to fall, and a little oil can be used During the massage, then bathe without using soap, then apply the body with any moisturizer.Was the article useful?

The components of the Sudanese dictation

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