The correct massage method

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The correct massage method – ” Contents1 massage2 The correct massage method3 Benefits of massage4 tips on selecting the processormassageMassage or massage: It is a body massage by pressing hands or by automatic devices, and pressure is in an organized, unorganized, fixed or mobile, and the areas that are massaged are tendons, ligaments, muscles, skin, and joints, and the Massage is one of the most comfortable natural medical experiences for the body, massage is mainly based on touch.The correct massage methodThe equipment needed to do the correct massageComfortable bed.Oil or cream for massage.Steps of preparationArrange the bed pillows comfortably and provide a quiet atmosphere.Ask the person to do a massage to relax on the bed.Cover the ingredients that should not do the massage and keep the areas to open the massage.Put the oil with the hand and massage it until it warms up.Put the oil on the room to do the massage.We ask the person if the oil is hot and what it feels like.Steps of massageThe hands are from the bottom to the top, check the hand mode and how to put them back.Stir the hands in a circular fashion to the bottom of five or ten minutes.Use only the back of the hand and make a circular motion to

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the middle of the back for a period of five minutes.Place hands on some; in order to click on the back vertebrae for five minutes.Move slowly up and down, using the thumb with the other hand, and the same way on the other side for two minutes.Using the fingers, the back vertebrae are pressed down, and the beginning is from the bottom for a period of five minutes.Put the forearms on the back and move the hands forward and backward.If a person feels pain at any time, it is pressed with the fingers of the hand and for five seconds, with the attempt refined and the number of seconds increases.Repeat all the previous steps for once and in the same order, after completing the massage.Benefits of massageIt eliminates moisture and cold body.It treats the neck, joints and shoulders.It treats some cases of paralysis and infertility.It helps to treat some diseases such as insomnia, stress and headaches.It reduces weight and tightens the body.It leads to purity of mind.Keeps the skin soft.Reduces pressure.Increases body elasticity.Relaxes the muscles.It helps psychological relaxation, activity and comfort.Increases blood flow.It stimulates blood circulation.The body gets rid of dead, harmful a

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nd useful cells.It calms the nerves.Fat distribution; To get rid of cellulite oil surrounded by water.It helps the function of the glands with a channel and channel and channel.Tips on choosing a processorMake sure there is a work permit for the processor before starting the treatment.Know the number of people who performed the massage on the same day; To ensure that the activity and energy of the therapist is sufficient, to do the massage properly.Was the item helpful?

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The correct massage method

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