The correct steps to clean the skin

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The correct steps to clean the skin – ” Contents1 Cleaning the skin2 The right steps to clean the skin3 Tips for cleaning the skin4 referencesCleansing the skinThe skin needs continuous attention and cleaning; Stay beautiful, fresh and free of pimples, spots and grains, and this can be done by going to beauty centers that need a lot of money, and may not get the required results, or the use of natural methods at home, which make Not needing a lot of money or materials in this article, we will mention the steps of skin cleaning and some important tips. [1]The correct steps to clean the skinThe correct steps to clean the skin: [2]Wash the face with warm water well.We take a piece of cotton, soak it with a little milk, and then pass it over the skin and neck; To remove all the effects of makeup and grease accumulated on the skin, the milk can be replaced with a lotion of skin type.We strip the skin, because this step is one of the most important steps to clean the skin; Because it removes the dead skin cells from them and they are applied by applying a tablespoon of honey in a bowl, adding a tablespoon of milk powder, then mixing the ingredients well, applying them to the skin and making sure to spread the mixture with a

2 The correct steps to clean the skin

circular motion using fingers, then wash the face with water in the lukewarm, then apply it with a piece of cotton darker with rose water; To add freshness and vitality.We evaporate the face, this step is also important; Because it removes the accumulated grease on the face, opens the pores of the skin, and it is applied by bringing a bowl of boiling water close, adding a teaspoon of rose water, and after that, the face comes close to an appropriate distance of the distance of the distance of the distance of the distance from Bowl, that is, it is not very far or very soon, ten ten minutes then wipe the face with snow; So that the pores are captured.We moisturize the skin well after the process of peeling and evaporation, through the use of moisturizers or natural oils, where a tablespoon of glycerin, a tablespoon of olive oil is taken, put them in a bowl and mix them well, then apply the Face well with their mixture.Tips when cleaning the skinTips when cleaning the skin: [3]It is best to wash the skin twice a day, especially when exposed to thick dust and dirt; This is to reduce the germs accumulated on them.Choose the appropriate and suitable antiseptic for its type; Because many

3 tips when cleaning the skin

types of antiseptics block the pores of the skin rather than opening and cleaning them.Avoid using scented soap when washing your face.Wash it with warm water, not hot or cold; because hot water dries it out and cold water doesn’t clean it well.Make sure the towels are clean when drying.Massage the face and neck with a circular motion with the tips of the fingers or using a piece of cotton; The blood circulation is activated.Apply natural masks on the face every period and another to preserve it.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The correct steps to clean the skin

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