The correct way to wash hands

1 The correct way to wash hands

The correct way to wash hands – ” Contents1 The right way to wash your hands2 Time to wash your hands3 Choose the right hand soap4 ReferencesThe right way to wash your handsBoth hands should be taken care of by washing them in the right way, and the following steps can be followed for best results:[1]Water is opened sparingly.The hands are placed under warm water or cold water; To moisturize the hands on all sides, taking care not to be a very high water temperature.A small amount of soap is placed on the hands.The hands are rubbed together; To distribute soap lather on the sides of the hands, around the nail area, and between the fingers and damage, and powdered soap, liquid or regular soap can be used, provided that none of them are anti-bacterial.Continue washing hands for at least 20 seconds.Hands are thoroughly washed by placing hands under running tap water.Hands are dried with the clean, dry towel, or hands can be left to dry naturally in the air.The water faucet is turned off with the towel, or the handheld facility can be used if the towel is not available.Hand washing timeWashing hands is an important thing; To get rid of germs that can be easily transferred to the mouth by eating different foods, it is

2 hands washing times

recommended to wash the following times: [2]Wash hands when they are dirty.Before eating a meal or before cooking.After using the toilet.After coughing.After touching different animals such as pets.After playing external games.Before the patient’s clinic, then also.Choose an appropriate hand soapThe use of anti -bacterial soaps that contains between its components may lead to triclosan and triclocarban to wash hands to the reproduction of bacteria in the long run that resists antibacterial agents, which prevents the killing of these germs over time, therefore, therefore, therefore it is advisable to stay away from the use of these types of soap. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

3 Choose a suitable soap for hands

The correct way to wash hands

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