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The diet method – ” Contents1 method of dating1.1 Historical about Al Tamar1.2 Reasons for using the method of construction for women1.3 reasons to use the date method1.4 reasons to prevent the use of the diet methodDating methodTamarikh is a type of physiotherapy, as the therapist massages certain areas of the body, and points responsible for pain or health problems, and this is usually what older women master the age, to treat or delay problems, or pain associated with childbirth and pregnancy.In addition, the date has several names, such as diet, licking, stroke, massage and promotion, but the date is not recommended in all cases, because sometimes it has its damage, and therefore we advise well investigation About the person who makes the date, whether it is perfect for this art or not, we will also mention the cases in which the date works are prohibited later.A historical overview of datingPhysiotherapy is known since ancient times, because the beginning of medicine was only through natural means, such as herbs, their extracts and massage of various kinds, just as the pharaohs are the first to pay special attention, so they wrote the books , and this is what archaeologists have discovered with

1.1 Historical About Al Tamar

the writings on the walls of the temples and pharaonic tombs.Reasons for using the construction method for womenHere we will mention the main reasons why many women use the date method, which is related to birth and beyond, fertility, and women’s diseases in general, and these reasons are as follows:Women get rid of tension, anxiety, and insomnia associated with pregnancy.It helps to improve the stretch of the skin and prevents skin cracks.It helps get rid of the pain that comes after birth, especially if the birth is a C-section.A pregnant woman gets rid of the pain that affects her in the neck, shoulders and lower back in particular, and the back in general, and the lower abdominal area.A pregnant woman gets rid of the pain that comes before birth and beyond.Women get rid of menstrual pain and sometimes its disorder.It helps stop uterine bleeding.It helps to adjust the uterine location, like uterine descent, posterior tendency or lateral tendency.It helps to stimulate inactive or weak ovaries.It helps to get rid of infections and vaginal secretions.It helps relax the neck of the uterus and vagina, and it also helps with vaginal cramps.It addresses problems related to the fallopi

1.2 Reasons for the use of the construction method for women

an tubes and its blockage.Reasons for using the date methodWe have mentioned the reasons related to women, pregnancy problems and childbirth, and now we will mention the reasons why it is advisable to use the date method in general, which are the following:The diet method helps to expel gas and moisture from the abdomen.It helps to get rid of muscle pain, especially in the back, neck and shoulders.It helps to get rid of excess fat in the body.It works to flow blood and stimulate blood circulation.It stimulates the body and restores it, as it helps to get rid of stress, insomnia and headaches.Reasons to prevent the use of the date methodLanding or lowering the uterus in early pregnancy.After cesarean section.Staffing of fractures, especially in sensitive points.If there is a muscle tear.Was the article useful?

1.3 Reasons for using the date method

The diet method

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