The difference between Badkir and Al -Munic

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The difference between Badkir and Al -Munic – “Contents1 nails2 muniques3 Badkir4 Method of munic and badakir5 natural mixtures for healthy nails6 tips to overcome nail polish problems7 referencesNailsNails are a solid substance composed of keratin, which contains 15% of their size in addition to mineral salts and calcium, and healthy nails have a smooth color without stains, edges or grooves, and because strong and long nails are part of Of the beauty of women and her femininity, so many women want to take care and take care of this aspect, and in this article, we will introduce you to how to take care of nails via Al -manah and Badakir, and we explain the difference between them. [1] [2]ManicureThe origin of the word “manicure” is due to a Latin word meaning the hand, so Al -manah currently defines that it is one of the cosmetic remedies that means the art of arranging and elevating the nails of the hands through the use of the use of the use of the use of the use of the use of the use of the use of several tools to exfoliate the skin and remove excess skin from the nails, Moisturize the hands and tighten the nails and soften them, then look in the required color, women often resort to salons to do al -manahir and al -Badaki

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r by people who are Specialized in this field, as some salons add massaged hands for a basic step for Al -munazir and Al -Badakir. [3]BadkirThe origin of bidirus is due to a Latin word meaning “”foot””, and it is also one of the cosmetic treatments to take care of the feet and toenails, not only removing excess skin, moisturizing the feet and nail polish, but also to treat the feet and exfoliate them by massaging them using water and aromatic oils. [3]How to do al -manahir and badikirThe necessary toolsFor the work of Al -manahir and Al -Badkir, we need several tools: [4]A Miton box to get rid of nail polish.Cold for the feet, which can be in the form of a stone, a piece of metal or special devices.Nail file.A quantity of cotton.Nail scissors.Excess skin removal waxes.Lotion cream.Nail reinforcement or transparent coating.Nail polish color according to taste and desire.Mode of actionThe steps to apply Al -manah and Badakir differ from place to place, but most methods are in the following steps, namely: [4]Clean the nails from the old effects of nail polish, by moistening a piece of cotton with a little acetone.Taste the nails and cool them as you wish.Soak the hands or feet in the

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bowl that contains hot water and cleaner or shampoo, and leave it for three minutes, to develop it to be easy to handle and treat it.Turn the hands or feet over using the coolant, focusing on the dry areas, then applying the scrub to the feet and rubbing them in.Remove excess skin around the nails, but care should be taken not to cut the nail itself or cut deeply into the skin.Moisturize hands or feet with a moisturizer.Nail polish with a clear toner first to maintain the health of the nails, and then use the colored paint as you wish after strengthening the dry.Natural blends for healthy nailsIn addition to many creams and types of nail polish to strengthen them, there are many natural recipes that can be prepared at home, which have proven effective in maintaining the health of the nails, the most important of which are:Olive oilOlive oil is the best for lengthening the nails and hugs on their health; It penetrates deep into the skin and nails, and thus helps to nourish it and soft massage for 5 minutes and wear daily cotton sleep gloves and leave it for a full night. Nails can also be soaked in warm olive oil for 15 to 30 minutes once a day to improve nail growth. [5]Coconut oil

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Coconut oil contains the important nutrients to maintain the strength and moisture of the nails, in addition to that, it helps to treat skin infections and fungal nails, all you have to do is to massage the nails and hands with coconut oil daily, before going to bed. A quarter cup of organic coconut oil can also be mixed with a quarter of honey and 4 drops of rosamary essential oil and warmed in the microwave for 20 seconds, then the nails are soaked in the mixture for forty hours, and this The mixture is used once or twice a week. [5]LemonLemon contains vitamin C, which is considered necessary to strengthen the nails, as it helps to get rid of yellowing of the nails and give them bright and healthy colors, mixing a tablespoon of lemon juice with three tablespoons of olive oil, then heating these ingredients in the microwave and soaking the nails for a period of time for a period of ten minutes, and for best results, use this mixture daily. [5]FlaxseedIt is very effective in treating the division and dryness of the nails and improve their growth; Due to its high content of omega -3 fatty acids, in addition to B vitamins and some minerals such as magnesium, potassium, lecithin and z

inc, and proteins necessary for the health of the nails, and it is used by rubbing flaxseed oil on the nails with Gentle massage for a few minutes, wearing gloves for a couple of hours to keep the moisture, this process is repeated once or twice a day. [5]tomatoesTomatoes contain a large amount of biotin, which contributes to the strengthening and shine of the nails, as well as a group of vitamins, the most important of which are vitamins A and C, which play an important role in obtaining healthy nails. It is by mixing half a cup of tomato juice and two tablespoons of olive oil in a bowl, then soak the nails for 10 minutes, and it is best to repeat this process once a day to achieve the desired results. [5]Tips to overcome nail polish problemsThe woman is interested in taking care of her nails and periodically placing nail polish, and she often suffers from some problems when applying nail polish, the most important of which are:[6]Do not rub the nails and do not touch them for anything for at least an hour to prevent or scratch the nail.Do not turn the nail polish brush so that the paint flows into the cap and dries on it and prevents it from firmly closing the bottle.Do not leave

the paint bottle open for a long time and always save it vertically.To innovate a special color, two layers of two different colors can be placed, one of the nails, one on top of the other, with sufficient time between the two colors, this helps to stabilize the color.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The difference between Badkir and Al -Munic

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