The difference between melasma and freckles

1 The difference between melasma and freckles

The difference between melasma and freckles – ” Contents1 The difference between melasma and freckles2 tipsThe difference between melasma and frecklesThe skin is exposed to many different health problems, some of which are of the temporary type, which occurs as a result of exposure to an emergency material and once the effect of this effect is the skin returns to its previous time, while the other type of these problems have a permanent effect and it is difficult to get rid of because of the difficulty of getting rid of the effect, and in any case it must know everything about this problem until the correct treatment methods are determined, and one of the most famous problems that many are exposed to and they are wrong to distinguish them and determine their causes the problem of freckles and the problem of costs, and the difference between these two problems will be clarified by clarifying some of the most important advice to those who suffer from one of these problems.FreshnessThis problem is defined as a wide range of colored brown spots, and the diameter of these spots is about five millimeters, and this problem is known to people of light colored skin, because it spreads more as the period during which a person is exposed

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to the sun, as it increases only the open and exposed areas of the sun, and it is known that those who suffer from this problem have special genes that have the ability to infect, and the early stages of this disease appear In life between two years for about four years, and perhaps these are perhaps not considered one of the problems, some consider it an aesthetic benefit, and if the person wants to get rid of this problem, resorting to medical procedures does not benefit because as long as the person is still exposed to the sun’s radiation without full protection.CostMelasma is defined as a group of dark brown spots, these spots appear randomly on the skin, especially on the forehead or the entire face or neck, and these spots are affected by the sun. Pregnancy due to hormonal changes, they are exposed to this period, as it is rare in men, and the main reason for this problem is the hormonal disorder or chemical reactions that occur between the processes of “melanin formation” and estrogen, and this chemical reaction occurs in certain areas n the standards The body is most famous including the neck, the front and cheeks, and it occurs in some women in the abdominal area or on th

e nipples of the breast, and women with brown skin are greatly exposed to this problem, while women with light – The skin of this problem expose this problem to rare things, and in most cases they disappear. The problem or decreases significantly after birth, or when you stop taking contraceptives, and this problem is not serious problems so that it does not exceed the skin layer And this is impossible It has a class Dermis.TipsFor owners of freckles:A sunscreen should be used from a high protection rate, and the best species in this case are what has the ability to block the sun by physical methods, which do not cause sensitivity to the skin.It is important to use sunscreen daily and repeat its use every few hours, even if it does not leave the house.Be sure to moisturize the skin before using a sunscreen.Cleanse skin thoroughly at night and in the morning.Avoid exposure to sunlight at their peak hours, especially in the midday hours; indeed, the sun in these periods causes severe skin damage even when applying a sunscreen.Standing to peel and lighten the skin, and it is best to resort to the use of peeling products that are made of fruit acids, as these products help reduce the p

roblem of freckles.Daily skin care gives health and beauty, as it protects against exposure to aging problems.For cost owners:Reduce the use of essential materials as it worsens this condition.Get rid of the main cause, that is, you should avoid taking birth control pills to prevent chemical reactions that lead to melasma.Was the article helpful?

The difference between melasma and freckles

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