The difference between sweet almond oil and bitter skin

1 The difference between sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil

The difference between sweet almond oil and bitter skin – ” Contents1 The difference between sweet almond oil and bitter almond oil2 The benefits of sweet almonds for the skin3 Video The benefits of bitter almond oil for the face4 ReferencesThe difference between sweet almond oil and bitter almond oilThe difference between bitter almond oil and sweet almond oil lies in the type of almond tree, and the oil is extracted from the seeds of almond by pressing, and sweet almond oil is extracted from the type of almond tree called Prunus amygdalus var. It contains toxic substances, is used as a medicine and is used in many products. As for bitter almond oil, it is extracted from the seeds of several types of trees, such as the SO tree (English: Prunus amygdalus var. Amara), and from the seeds of plum, peach and apricot, which are toxic oils; It contains hydrocyanic acid. [1] [2]Bitter almond oilDespite intense safety concerns, people make a medicine from the kernel of bitter almond seeds, and it is used for cramps, such as a painful and stingy cough. There is no evidence or proper studies on how to treat diseases using bitter almond oil, because its side effects are very dangerous due to its hydrosyanic acid, because it should not be taken orall

2 The benefits of sweet almonds for the skin

y; because it causes a slow nervous system, respiratory problems and death. It should not be taken, especially by pregnant and nursing women, and interacts with some drugs, especially anesthesia drugs; Therefore, the doctor should be consulted before taking it. [3]Sweet almond oilSweet almond oil has entered the manufacture of many cosmetics, and as a treatment for many diseases, and some drugs are resolved to take in the form of injections, and it is full because it contains fatty acids. [2] It is used in the treatment of the following diseases despite the need for more studies on the effectiveness of its treatment of these diseases: [4]Constipation.Distemper and irritate the skin.Cancer of the bladder, breast, mouth, lamp and uterus.Benefits of sweet almonds for the skinSweet almond oil is the oil extracted from almond pills that are consumed, and this oil is used in cooking, and it has many health benefits, hair benefits and skin benefits, and its benefits will be mentioned for the skin as follows: [5]It improves the health of the skin; Because it is rich in vitamins, such as vitamin E, A, B, which makes the skin healthy, glowing, soft, flexible and moist, and improves the absor

3 video The benefits of bitter almond oil for the face

ption to ensure that the pores are not closed.Reduces dark circles by massaging almond oil under the eyes; As the vitamin E in almond oil is renewed the skin cells, and with regular use, the skin will be lightened under the eyes and reduce wrinkles around it.It delays the signs of progress in age; Because it contains vitamin E and fatty acids, it treats and prevents the signs of progress in the skin.It removes dead impurities and skin; The skin becomes pale as the accumulation of dead skin and removes blackheads.It treats the skin from eczema and clumps; Because it has moisturizing properties and works as a sedative to irritate the skin.It protects from sunlight; As it contains natural sunscreen SPF5, which protects from sun burns, stimulates the damage of sun rays and treats its damage as it contains vitamin E.It moisturizes for hands and feet, as it is a light oil for other oils, so it is easily absorbed by the skin, and it contains zinc, which softens the coarse skin and cracked skin in the feet, makes the skin soft as children.It removes makeup, opening the pores and removing all the effects of makeup on the skin and struggling with the appearance of young love, which is suitab

le for all skin types.It moisturizes the lips of the lips; Because it contains many vitamins, which makes the lips pink and soft.Reduces wrinkles and lines, because massaging the skin with almond oil improves blood circulation and tightens the aged skin.Almond oil recipe for wrinkles and fine linesWith the next recipe, you can know how to apply almond oil to reduce wrinkles and lines and moisturize dry skin:[5]ingredients:Two teaspoons of almond oil.Two drops of vitamin to prepare:Heat the almond oil, then add two drops of vitamin E.Once the heat is on, apply the oil to your face.Then gently pour from the tips of the fingers with a circular motion, while continuing this process for 10 to 15 minutes, then wipe the face with a healing towel or forbidden, or with a wrath of water, and dry it with the slowing.Recipe for almond oil to clear the skinLosus oil contains a large amount of vitamin B composite, vitamin E, minerals and fatty acids, which are considered a beneficial food for health, and in addition, it improves skin health, reduces wrinkles and blemishes, and dark skin, and below is One of the effective recipes:[6]ingredients:6-5 drops of almond oil.One egg.How to prepare

:Mix the egg well until it is completely smooth, then add the drops of oil.Stir in the mixture until you have a smooth texture.Apply the mixture to the face for 12 to 15 minutes.Wash the face with lukewarm water, then with cold water.Almond oil recipe to get rid of dark circlesRose water is refreshing and nourishing for the skin, and makes it softer, relieving stress, and almond oil treats dark auras under the eyes and this is the way to prepare the recipe:[7]ingredients:A few drops of rose water.A small drop of almond oil.Two cotton balls.Small to prepare:Rose water and almond oil are mixed in a bowl, then the cotton balls are immersed in the mixture.Then it is raised under each of the eyes using these balls and ensuring that the mixture covers all affected areas.Leave on the skin for 30 to 40 minutes.Finally, the area where the mixture is applied is washed with plain water.This method should be done regularly until the disappearance of dark circles is observed.Almond oil recipe to remove dead skin and blackheadsAlmond oil removes impurities and dead skin, as the skin becomes pale in the form of dead skin accumulation, to remove it and get rid of blackheads, the following

recipe can be applied:[5]ingredients:1 tablespoon of almond oil.One teaspoon of to prepare:Mix the two ingredients, then turn the mixture by rubbing the face with a small circular motion.Video of the benefits of bitter almond oil for the faceTo learn more about the benefits of bitter almond oil for the face, check out the following video:[8]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The difference between sweet almond oil and bitter skin

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