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The easiest way to remove nails – ” Contents1 nail removal2 Alternative ways to remove nail polish3 A preventive procedure for easy nail polish removal4 Nail polish remover damage5 referencesRemovalMany women interested in fashion are interested in painting the nails considerably, but there are problems they can face with it, such as staining around the nail, keeping the paint free of defects until it dries, coordinating the colors of the paint and merging it, and making decorative designs, and these are not the only difficulties; In addition, the paint can be peeled and wrapped, which is a very ugly appearance that is difficult to get out on an important occasion in this appearance, and the paint can not last forever, and the problem lies in this is not available and the use of a tool to peel the paint causes dryness and small scratches in the same nail. To avoid this, alternative methods will be recalled to the removal of nail polish when the remover is not available. [1]Alternative methods for removing nail polishThere are several ways to remove nail polish. Such as:Lemon: Lemon is a natural ingredient used in nail beautification, and it can be used to remove nail polish easily. The way is:[2]ingredients:Warm wa

2 alternative ways to remove nail polish

ter.Hand washing soap.Lemon to prepare:Fingers are soaked in warm water that contains soap for 3 to 5 minutes.The lemon slice is used as an alternative to nail polish remover.The nails are then rubbed with a moisturizer or nail oil to maintain nail health.White vinegar: white vinegar is an acidic component that has the ability to remove nail polish. The way is:[2]ingredients:white vinegar.Lemonade.A piece of to prepare:Soak the nails in warm water for 10 to 15 minutes, helping to facilitate the removal of the paint.Mix equal amounts of lemon juice and vinegar.The mixture is stirred and the cotton ball is soaked in the mixture.Press the nail with a piece of cotton for 10 to 20 seconds.Wipe the nails with a piece of cotton to get rid of the nail polish residue.Moisturizer or nail oil is then used.Medical alcohol: when lemon or white vinegar is not available, alcohol can be used to remove nail polish, and it is useful for those who suffer from nail infection; Because it is antibacterial. The way is:[2]ingredients:Medical alcohol.A bowl of warm water.A piece of cotton.the way to prepare:The nails are soaked from time to time in warm water.Wet a piece of cotton with

3 A preventive procedure to remove nail polish easily

alcohol and is used to remove the paint.Moisturizer or nail oil is then used.Deodor: The deodorant spray can be used to remove the nail polish. And you should avoid following this way for those who suffer from deodorant spray allergy. And its method is:[2]ingredients:Deodorant deodo.A piece of to prepare:Sprinkle the deodorant spray remotely near the nail.Wipe off immediately with a cotton ball.Handson: Hand sanitizer can remove nail polish. The way is:[2]ingredients:Hydroalcoholic gel.A piece of cotton.How to prepare:Put a little sterilized on the nail and rub it directly with a piece of cotton.Repeat the process until the paint disappears without using much sterilizer.Hands are well washed after this.Nail polish: The same nail polish can be used to remove the nails, taking care to wipe it off immediately so that it does not dry. And do not use the type that dries quickly. The way is:[2]ingredients:Varnish.Paper kitchen to prepare:Place the nail polish on the nail and wipe directly.The process is repeated until the nail polish is completely removed.Note: This method may take some time to completely remove the paint.Sticking teeth: toothpaste is a suitable sol

4 nail polish remover damage

ution to remove the paint, and white toothpaste is usually more effective. It can also be mixed with baking soda for better results. The way is:[3]ingredients:toothpaste.Old to prepare:A small toothpaste is placed on the nails.The toothbrush is used to rub the paste on the nails.Hydrogen peroxide: or hydrogen oxide SO called is another home method to remove nail polish. The way is: [3]ingredients:Two cups of hydrogen peroxide.One cup of hot water.Nail to prepare:Mix the ingredients, soak the nails in the mixture for 10 minutes.The cooler is used to remove the paint from the nails.Fragrance: This is one of the alternative effective methods to remove nail polish. The way is: [1]ingredients:Perfume.Paper handkerchief.How to prepare:Sprinkle the perfume on the tissue.The nails are rubbed with a tissue.A preventive procedure to easily remove nail polish.This method depends on the scene before the placement of nail polish to easily remove it, applying a layer of pigment and water before doing the nails. The way is:[3]ingredients:Transparent white pigmentation (which is usually used in the leaf paste).Empty bottle of nail polish.water.Hot t

o prepare:It fills one third of the nail polish bottle with the pigmentation.Add the water and stir circularly until the mixture becomes thin so that it spreads on the nails.Apply the mixture to the nails and leave it until it dries completely for about 5 minutes before adding the other layer.Once the mixture is dry, the nail polish can be applied.The nails are soaked with warm water and soap for several minutes when the desire to remove the paint.The fingers can be placed under tap water with the use of soap.Cut the paint with fingers or dental sticks.Any non-sharp tool can be used to scrape the paint.Nail polish remover damageAcetone nail polish remover is the most effective and easy to remove nails [2], nevertheless, it has damages that affect the health of nails. Including: [4]Sore throat.A worker causing a Rabua attack.Nausea and vomiting when exposed to a lot.Eye irritation from assembly fumes.Ehphaviating Nails.Nail and skin damage.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The easiest way to remove nails

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