The easiest way to whiten the face

1 Reasons for the darkening of the face

The easiest way to whiten the face – “Contents1 reasons for facial darkening2 recipes for whitening the face3 tips to lighten the skinCauses of facial darkeningExposure to hot, burning sun for long periods of time.Hormone changes during pregnancy, for example.Taking medications, such as antibiotics and anti-inflammatories.Acne and other various skin problems.Using cosmetics heavily and not cleaning them properly, and in many cases, these powders are imitation, and there are high levels of chemicals.Psychological factors; Such as distress, depression and sadness, which negatively affects the facial skin.Facial whitening recipesAmong the natural recipes that women use:Mixing honey with castor: where they mix with the addition of a small mint, then apply the face with it and massage it and open the skin.Use grapes, where a pill is cut, then the face is wiped with it, and this component is nutritious and cleaner for the skin.Potatoes and milk: so that a quantity of potatoes is brought with a quantity of milk, boiled potatoes on the fire, peel and strain after cooling, then add the milk and put the skin.Option: by cutting the cucumber into slices and distributing them to the skin, especially under the eyes to get rid of da

2 Recipes for face whitening

rk circles.Banana and lupine: where a banana, a ground lupine spoon, a spoon of chickpeas, a spoon of apple cider vinegar, and a quarter of a spoon of vitamin E, are brought, and these ingredients are mixed for five minutes so that something like Powder is formed, then this powder is placed on the face and neck for thirty minutes twice a week.Flour and milk: three tablespoons of flour, lemon juice and two tablespoons of fresh milk are brought, and the ingredients are mixed for twenty minutes, then put them on the face, then wash the face with lukewarm water and then lukewarm, and This mixture is useful for oily skin.It should be noted that some women resort to follow and use artificial recipes to lighten the skin, and they want to be part of international brands with less dangerous components and negative effects on the skin, such as Clarence, Vitamin E and Vitamin C from Badi Shop, and Rosie Transpurman L’Oreal and others.Skin Lighting TipsReduce hours of sun exposure.Put on condoms when you leave the house.Eat a healthy, balanced diet.Stay away from smoking.Drink water frequently, which helps purify the skin.Was the article helpful?

3 tips for lightening the skin

The easiest way to whiten the face

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