The effects and disposal of acne

1 Skin restoration

The effects and disposal of acne – ” Contents1 Skin restoration2 Medicated treatments for the effects of acne3 partial laser treatment4 The reason for the appearance of acne5 ReferencesRestoration of the skinThe skin is moistened and cleared of the affected skin layers by doing three main steps for the doctor, which follows: [1]Laser; Laser helps to increase the surface area of the skin.Dermabray, which is a wheel shell with a rough surface that helps to remove the damaged skin.Chemical peeling, during which doctors use some type of acid to remove the surface layer of the skin, helping to treat the deep scarring, while the skin begins to restore itself within 7 to 10 days of treatment.Medicated therapy for the effects of acneThere are many home remedies that can be used to get rid of the effects of acne, including the following: [2]Alpha hydroxy acids: they help to remove dead skin cells and prevent pore blockage, as they help to reduce scarring, and alpha hydroxy acids are available in preparations made to treat acne.Retinoids: retinoids are available in many topical products that contribute to the acne and resulting effects, as it accelerates the process of regeneration of skin cells and improve its texture, reduc

2 Drug treatments for acne effects

e the change of skin color and mitigate scars, but it increases the sensitivity of the direction of the skin. Sunlight is therefore recommended to use a sunscreen when using preparations containing recitals.Partial laser treatmentThis treatment works deeper than normal lasers and rub the skin in treating the effects of love insults, and it differs from them that it does not hurt the top layer of tissue, and the treatment period that uses it is shorter compared to them, but the person may be exposed to sunburn for a few days. [3]The reason for the appearance of acneThe effects of acne or scars occur as a result of the clogging of the skin pores with excessive oils, bacteria and dead skin cells, and then widen them and break their walls, and in most cases, the scar is small, which leads to healing Quickly, but if they are deep, they lead to the spread of infected substances into the surrounding tissues and thus the appearance of deep scars. [4]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 Partial laser treatment

4 The reason for acne appearing

The effects and disposal of acne

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