The effects and rapid treatment of acne

1 medical methods to remove the effects of acne

The effects and rapid treatment of acne – ” Contents1 medical methods to eliminate the effects of acne2 natural ways to eliminate the effects of acne3 referencesMedical methods to eliminate the effects of acneAcne leaves signs and scars on the skin, and there are medical methods that help remove it, including:[1]Medical treatments applied at home:Alpha hydroxy acids: to prevent pores from blocking and peeling the skin.Lactic acid: improves skin and removes dark spots.Topical Rhinoids: accelerate the growth of skin tissue, reduce pigmentation, as it reduces scarring.Willow acid or salicylic acid: exfoliate the skin.Sunscreen: to avoid exacerbation of the condition.Medical treatments applied at the clinic:Dermabrasion: a wire or wheel brush is used to exfoliate the skin surface.Chemical peeling: Strong chemical acids are placed on the skin; to exfoliate the skin surface.Laser: These are the fastest treatments to peel the top layer of the skin.Filling: By injecting collagen, body fat or commercial filler under the skin; This is to treat deep scars.Microneedling: It will be safe, but it needs a long time up to nine months to get satisfactory results.Injections: by injecting drugs into prominent scars; To help soften it and mak

2 natural ways to remove the effects of acne

e it flat.Speed surgery for some scars: removing the very important scars, leaving behind light scars that disappear with time.Natural methods to eliminate the effects of acneNatural methods are used to eliminate the effects and treatment of acne, including:Baking soda recipeBaking soda treats infections and red marks left by acne, because it improves collagen production, improves skin tissue, and its method is:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of baking soda.1 tablespoon of distilled to prepare:Mix the baking soda with distilled water to form a paste.The paste is placed on the injured area.Leave it on for two minutes.Gently rub the skin, then wash with water.The method is repeated once a month; to reduce deep scars.My darlingHoney moisturizes the skin and preserves the moisture inside, and it contains anti-oxidant properties and another antibacterial that treats acne scars. It is also a whitening factor that helps lighten the color of the scandal, and its method is:[3]ingredients:One teaspoon of raw honey.Warm to prepare:The skin is washed and it is dried with a clean towel.A hot towel is placed on the face for a few minutes; This is to open the pores.The towel is re

moved and the honey is placed on the skin.Leave it on for 10 minutes.The skin is washed with water, dried with a clean towel.Repeat the method once a day.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The effects and rapid treatment of acne

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