The effects of acne and potholes

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The effects of acne and potholes – ” Contents1 acne1.1 The effects of bad acne1.2 Types of acne scars1.3 Reasons for the appearance of scars1.4 How to treat facial scarsAcneAcne is one of the problems that a large percentage of young people is exposed to in adolescence; That is, from the age of fifteen until a maximum age of twenty, in which case the skin becomes a suitable place for bacteria and increased in its activity closed its pores, then the various grains and distributed over the entire face appear depending on the nature of the skin.The effects of the bad case of acneDue to the appearance of these pills in apparent places on the face, many of them resort to getting rid of them in the wrong way, such as emptying them by pressing them until the fatty substance then a transparent liquid substance, and some may think that in this case, it can get rid of the pills, but after several days it returns to the formation and appears more, painful and redder as a result of the tissue and inflammation of Some tissues and some young people resort to tingling needles or any sharp tool and all this causes side effects, and these effects are:Inflammation and lactation of the skin tissue.Redness of the area and its extent.Le

1.1 The effects of the wrong deal with acne

ave marks and signs on the face.The appearance of scars and potholes in the pimples.Pigmentation of the skin.Double the treatment time and get rid of the effects of acne.Types of acne scarsSquare or similar scars: these are like signs of smallpox and appear on the cheeks and forehead.Conical or rounded scars: they appear in the form of circles lower than the surface of the skin.Narrow and deep scars: they appear as a result of exposure to bright and inflamed grains, and they are narrow and deep that penetrate the first layers of the skin, and one of the people who suffer from this pair are the owners of light skin.High scars (kilos): they appear due to the excess and increased growth of skin tissue during the healing of wounds. One of the people who suffer from this scarring is the owners of brown skin.Reasons for the appearance of scarsThe appearance of acne, crime and not treating it properly under proper medical supervision.Use incorrect treatments and recipes on the skin.How to treat facial scarsFukashnal Laser: These rays treat all scars and drilling through several consecutive but high sessions.Derma Roller: These ultraviolet rays treat all the effects of scarring, with their

1.2 Types of acne scars

high softening, because it significantly stimulates the activity of collagen protein found under the skin naturally, which increases the action of cells and healing scars, and this feature is characterized by its very high cost.The use of some ointments containing collagen, but it has a very slow effect and does not treat cases completely, but is limited to simple and light scars that exist in the outer layer of the skin only.Was the article useful?

1.3 Reasons for the appearance of scarring

The effects of acne and potholes

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