The effects of acne

1 effects of acne and their causes

The effects of acne – “Contents1 effects of acne and their causes2 types of acne effects3 ways to treat the effects of acne4 referencesThe effects and causes of acneThe effects of acne occur when the pimples are severe and penetrate several layers of the skin, causing damage to these layers, and the types of acne and its forms vary; Some of them are in the form of atrophied scars, which appear when the amount of collagen is not sufficient during the recovery of the scar, or it can take the form of visible and prominent scars; Unlike atrophied scars, it is caused by excessive amounts of collagen during the recovery of the scar. [1]Types of acne effectsAcne can cause many effects; Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation can lead, which occur when dark stains or spots appear on the skin after pimples and pimples healing,[2] pills can cause different types of scars from which the following:NostalgiaThere are many types of atrophic scars caused by acne, and the most important of them are mentioned: [3]Ice scars: ice pick scars:These scars are in the form of clicks as if one uses a tool to dig it, and it is usually wide at the top, but it is narrow and deep at the bottom.Stars in the form of the edges of the edge

2 types of acne effects

s:These scars appear on the jaw and lower cheeks; Where the skin is thicker.Bar Scars:These U-shaped scars can be, and unlike the (rolling scars), these scars are characterized by their edges are sharp and narrow.ProminentThese scars are prominent and phenomenal, so they are called scars or wall scars, and these scars are caused by the production of fibrous tissue in the skin excessive collagen during the healing of grains or effects, and this can be painful or cause itching . [3]]Methods of treating the effects of acneThere are many ways to treat the effects of acne depending on the type and intensity of the scars, in addition to the type of skin, and while a statement just get rid of these effects:Chemical exfoliationThe doctor determines the appropriate chemical scrub depending on the effects of acne and skin type of the injured, and some studies have indicated that trichloroacetic acid helped to improve the appearance of scars caused by acne by at least 70% was not observed 25% of users of glycolic acid, that is, an improvement in the appearance of their scars. [4]Filler InjectionThe doctor may recommend the use of filler injection to improve the appearance of certain types of

3 ways to treat acne effects

scars, such as atrophic scars, but the result of the filler is temporary; It only lasts 6-12 months. [4]Laser treatmentLaser therapy helps to remove the outer layer of skin and renew it [1], which helps to reduce pigmentation caused by pills [2] and improve the appearance of scars of all kinds, but this type of treatment is more suitable for skin light. [1]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The effects of acne

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