The effects of the back pills

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The effects of the back pills – ” Contents1 back pills2 Get rid of the effects of back pillsBack pillsThese are the pills that can appear in distinct areas of the back, and they have many reasons that lead to their appearance and cause a lot of tension and discomfort, especially in women, and perhaps one of the most important causes is an excessive activity of The sebaceous glands, or due to a lot of fatty substances and grease, or allergy to a certain thing like a certain type of tissue, or a specific food, and these pills block the pores of the back with dead cells, and it It should be noted that the back of the back is somewhat thick, and therefore it is more likely to appear pimples and pimples on it.Getting rid of the effects of back pillsOatsWhere oats absorb the excess fat stored inside the skin, as well as effectively peel the skin, and thus clean it from the inside, and the recipe can be equipped with three tablespoons of oatmeal in the food processor, grind it well until it becomes powder , Then put it in the bathtub and mix it with warm water, then the body is soaked in it completely, focusing on the pimples in the back for half an hour, then the body is washed with warm water, this recipe is repeated

2 Get rid of the effects of back pills

daily until the desired results are cider vinegarApple cider vinegar cleans the body of germs and germs, and the acidity of the skin is balanced, and thus get rid of the grains and their effects effectively, where one cup of apple cider vinegar can be mixed with two cups of water, then the The mixture is placed in a spray bottle and spraying an appropriate amount on the pimples in the back, then let it dry completely in the open air, and then wash it with warm water.tomatoesAs it contains a lot of beneficial vitamins for the skin, such as vitamin A, B and C, which regenerate the skin cells, nourish and purify them, and tomatoes can be used by cutting a tomato seed the back for half an hour, Then wash the back with warm water and the recipe can be repeated three times a week.TurmericIt is effective and anti-inflammatory, as it loosens the skin and thus gets rid of most of the problems that can affect the skin, where a tablespoon of turmeric powder can be mixed with milk cream until a soft paste is formed, then the paste is spread The places of the effects of the grains on the back and are gone for a third of an hour, then it is washed with warm water.It should be note

d that if the skin is oily, the milk cream should be replaced with lemon juice or milk.The recipe can be applied daily until the effects of the pills are permanently removed.Was the article helpful?

The effects of the back pills

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