The effects of wounds

1 The effects of wounds

The effects of wounds – “Contents1 The effects of injury2 ReferencesThe effects of injuriesInjuries are an exposed issue that can be exposed daily differs in its degree from skin color. [1]ScarsSkin is a smooth device, like a soft cloth, one small effect can make a big difference in its appearance, and the same with the skin is any burn, injury or other shock, as the wound can cause a scar. [2]The scar is a natural part of the healing process after the injury, and it appears as a sign on the body and its appearance and treatment depends on several factors. Change its shape, and we can resort to many mixtures, creams and natural safety means to get rid of these effects and hide them, and it is known that the scar will not disappear completely, but there are ways that can help reduce and reduce their effect. [2]Types of scarsThere are several types of scars, including:[3]Smile scars: this scar appears in the form of a pox pill, and it is formed as a result of the healing of a wound that occurred due to aggressive injury, and varies in size depending on the injury, and treatments used to Remove and get rid of surgery, steroid injections and silicone paper to tighten the scar, and for a small counter, it can

be treated with cooling and ironing (using liquid nitrogen), and you can also prevent the formation of the wall using The treatment of silicone optical pressure when you have injuries, and injuries are more common in people with dark skin.Disclosed scars: this condition occurs when the skin is burned, these scars tighten the skin and your ability to move, and these scars can shrink to a deeper intervention of the tissues, which affects the muscles and nerves.Huge scars: these scars appear as a result of irritation and friction of the skin, and its color is red and is similar to the shape of the scar, but its treatment is not difficult; Because it disappears with time after treatment with steroid injection, which relieves its inflammation, and silicone can be used to flatten the scar and its effect goes.Acne scars: the effect of acute acne remains a single on the face, and there are many types of these scars, including deep pits in the corner of the face, and the treatment of these scars depends on the doctor and the treatment options of acne types.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The effects of wounds

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