The fastest way to lighten the knees

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The fastest way to lighten the knees – ” Contents1 black knees2 home recipes to lighten the knees3 ways to remove dead cells from the knees4 tips to avoid black knees5 referencesBlack kneesBlack knees are a common skin problem, as it affects the beauty of the body, reduces self-confidence and can prevent many women from wearing short skirts and dresses. The skin around the knee is considered the name of the places of the body, in addition to that, the skin of this area does not contain fat glands; Therefore, the skin is drier, and in case it is not kept on cleanliness and proper care, the color of both knees becomes darker than anywhere in the body. [1] There are common reasons that help to make the color of the knees darker than the color of the natural body, and of them: [2]Environmental factors such as the assumption of sunlight.Nervous pressure.Exposure to unhealthy conditions such as dirt and dust.Genetic factors.Leather on the knees is exposed to frequent friction.Excessive peeling of the knee skin.The reaction of certain medications.Hormonal imbalance.Home recipes to lighten the kneesTurmeric recipeTurmeric helps to lighten the dark skin and gives it a beautiful glow; Which helps to lighten the knee. And its meth

2 home recipes to lighten the knees

od is:[3]ingredients:A quantity of kirkam powder.A quantity of wheat flour powder (English: gram flour), equal to the amount of the strokes.An appropriate amount of rose water.How to prepare:The ingredients are placed in the mixing bowl.Mix the ingredients well to obtain a dough.Grind the paste on the knees and let it dry.Rub the dried putty with warm water.The recipe is repeated once a day for a week or two weeks; For the required results.AlmondAlmonds and almond oil are good for the skin, because almonds contain nutritional properties for the skin, which help maintain skin color and health. And its method is:[3]ingredients:Pour to two tablespoons of coarse dried almond powder.A small to prepare:Prepare a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well; To get a thick paste.The paste is placed on the dark knees and left to dry.The dry paste is rubbed with circular motions with wet fingers, then wash the knee with cold water.The recipe is repeated once or twice a day for several weeks.The recipe for honey and honeyLemon juice is one of the most effective natural whitening factors, while honey is a wonderful natural moisturizer for the skin, and mixing

3 way to remove dead skin cells from the knees

them is a mixture that helps to lighten the knees. And his method is: [4]ingredients:1 tablespoon of honey.One lemon to prepare:Prepare a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well.The mixture is placed on the knees for 15 to 20 minutes, then wash two waters.The recipe is repeated daily for a week.Coconut oil recipeCoconut oil is one of the most moisturizing oils for the skin, prevents dehydration and the skin is appropriate and open; It contains vitamin E. and its method:[2]ingredients:1 tablespoon of coconut oil.1 tablespoon of walnut to prepare:Prepare a bowl and the ingredients are placed inside.Mix the ingredients well to make a thick paste.Put the paste on the knees for two to three minutes, then wash the knees with water.The recipe is repeated two to three times a week.Vitamin E oil recipeVitamin E helps to repair, moisturize the skin, remove pigmentation, make the skin healthier and whiten the knee. And its method is:[2]ingredients:A few capsules of vitamin E.1 tablespoon of to prepare:Open the vitamin E capsules and empty into a bowl, and the zipper is one and a half to two tablespoons.Add the sugar to the oil and mi

4 tips to avoid black knees

x the mixture.The mixture is placed on the knees and dark knees rub it for a few minutes; To peel it, then wash the knees with water.The recipe is repeated from day to day.A way to remove dead cells from the kneesDry skin is considered and the accumulation of dead cells has one of the causes of the knees, so it appears with a dark and ugly appearance, and this can be treated with a few steps, including:[5]Wash the knees regularly and clean them well with a shower fiber, or the natural sponge, and a good scrub can be used.Be sure to avoid hot water; because hot water dries the skin and the knees should be washed with lukewarm water, soap without steroids and avoid harsh detergents on the skin and antibacterial products.Be sure to gently dry the knees with a soft towel.Be sure to apply a strong moisturizer immediately after the shower while the skin is still warm and cool, and it is best to contain vitamin A, vitamin E and alphahydroxy and aloe vera, as these ingredients moisturize dry areas well.Apply the moisturizer several times during the day and put on a thick layer before bed.Be sure to put sunscreen on the knees; because ultraviolet radiation dries the skin and causes damage t

o the skin.Tips to avoid black kneesThere are some tips that help to get rid of black knees, and these tips are:[4]Make sure you drink plenty of water; To remove toxins from the body and improve good health.Make sure to reduce sugar, bread, cereals, energy drinks, soft drinks, caffeine and other processed foods.Make sure you don’t leave the knees; Because this helps the knees black.Covering the knees; To keep them moist and prevent them from getting friction.Always be careful to put sunscreen on the knees before going out; Because the harsh ultraviolet rays make the knees darker. [2]Healthy diet that contains important vitamins such as vitamin A and E; So it is recommended to eat foods rich in vitamins such as sweet potatoes, carrots, lettuce, dried apricots, almonds and spinach. [2]the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The fastest way to lighten the knees

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