The importance of hygiene for a person

1 The importance of hygiene for a person

The importance of hygiene for a person – ” Contents1 The importance of hygiene for a person2 Personal hygiene of a person3 Human hygiene environment4 referencesThe importance of hygiene for a personHygiene plays a vital role in human life, as it is the first line of defense against germs, infectious diseases and its manifestations wash hands before eating, setting criteria for cleaning the environment, and the importance of hygiene is concentrated in several points, including the following: [1]Preserve human health and environment.Reducing the spread of germs, viruses and dirt spread due to bad habits.Reversing the personal image of the individual and his self-esteem.Personal hygiene of a personPersonal hygiene of a person and a healthy lifestyle is one of the most important aspects of self-care, and parents should train children from an early age on healthy habits and take into account the personal hygiene on a daily basis, in order to ensure a clean and decent appearance, and prevent unpleasant odors, because the care of personal hygiene affect a great way on the self-appreciation of a person, and also affect the vision of others, and these unpleasant odors are produced as a result of secretions that The body produces d

2 Personal hygiene of man

aily as a result of its cells, secreting sweat, urine, saliva, false ear, feces and body oils, and it may result from the friction of certain areas of the body, such as: feet, feet, feet, feet, feet, armpits and thigh. If these secretions are not cleaned periodically, it can cause unpleasant and annoying odors. [2]Clean in the human environmentA person can follow certain steps that help him/her to make his/her environment cleaner, including the following: [3]Mental health care, because cleaning the mind by following solid thought patterns greatly helps a person to become clean and more organized.Specifying three cleaning goals on a daily basis, as a person around him, he can find a lot of chaos at home, for example, such as: the spread of boxes, candy, children’s toys and many other things scattered around him, which he can not organize at once, so a person has to organize it gradually, so it becomes an incentive to make more effort.Determine the detergents and tools used in the cleaning process.Enjoy during the cleaning process, whether it is a cleaning of a street, house or personal hygiene, and that can relax during the cleaning, hear quiet music or use this time to think about

3 hygiene human environment

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The importance of hygiene for a person

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