The method of cramping

1 method of cramping

The method of cramping – “Contents1 method of cramps1.1 eyebrows1.2 body cross1.3 Tips for eyebrows1.4 Tips blond bodyThe cramp methodExplosion: The process of changing the color of thick or light hair illustrated in the areas of the arms, face or abdomen; This is instead of the process of removing the whole hair, which increases the density of the hair, and its color appears more clearly, affecting the beauty of these areas, and the woman’s feeling of discomfort and dissatisfaction, in addition to the inability to Remove short hair and inflammation in case of trying to remove it, and is considered blacks is a sound method if used correctly, and according to the specified quantities, and the type of suspension material used.FirmnessTools:Mashkar Box.Vaseline box; To protect the skin from allergies.A pen to determine the eyebrows.Black or brown dye.Small bowl.Small spoon.Cotton ears.Soft circular cotton.A brush.Small scissors.Directions for use:Mix the ingredients from the Hamstan box in a small bowl.Comb hair from the eyebrow and trim excess hair.Using the ear cotton; To put the scrub around the eyebrow.Wait twenty minutes.Remove the cotton.Determine the brown with brown or black dye for half an hour.Remov

1.1 Eyebrows

e the dye with soft circular cotton.The appearance of beautiful organized eyebrows.Cross the bodyTools:Large ed-fowing can.Lightening powder.Dyeing.oxygen.Mode of action:Take the amount of powder and low oxygen.Mix the ingredients and stir until the mixture becomes homogeneous.Wear medical paws in the hands, then distribute the mixture on the body.The tips of the eyebrowsDo not use soap.Do not apply an aromatic moisturizer.Avoid rubbing eyebrows with fingernails.Do not use Mishkar again until at least two days.Do not repeat the eyebrows until one month has passed and in case of emergency twelve days.Body blond tipsWash the suspension immediately when you feel it burning.Do not leave it for a long time on the body; avoid infections.Repeat the suspension again one week later if the required result is not obtained.Do not put the suspension in a metal plate and put it in a glass or plastic plate.After washing the suspension, mix the starch with cold water and put it on the body for ten minutes.After peeling, it is possible to apply a moisturizer free of aromatic materials.The powder should be blue and avoid using white powder.Avoid using it by a pregnant woman.In case of allergy in a w

1.2 Cross of the body

oman, it is advisable to put a small amount of the bleaching mixture in a place of the body, and in case any change is noticed, it should not be used.Do not put the suspension anywhere with pills.Was the article useful?

1.3 Tips for the eyebrows

The method of cramping

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