The method of removing blackheads

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The method of removing blackheads – ” Contents1 blackheads2 ways to remove blackheads at homeThe skin secretes a lot of toxins that result from vital processes in the skin cells, and it gets rid of its secretion through the small and micro-wells, and during the exit of secretions through the pores mix with air dust, which, which causes blackheads on the areas of the face and around the nose, which is called the Zawan.Black headsBlack heads or adversity is the oxidation of the sticky material in the pores of the skin with the air of the air and its transformation into black, and the lack of elimination of these black heads causes many problems for the skin, the most important of which is the appearance of face blisters, and there are commercial creams that are sold in the markets to get rid of blackheads, and in addition to the creams, there are domestic routes that are followed to eliminate the adultery.Methods to eliminate blackheads at homeBlackheads can be eliminated by natural recipes at home, and these recipes are as follows:SteamSteam is a stimulating method to clear the pores of the skin that contains black heads, when the face is exposed to steam, the closed pores will stimulate, and for this, it is best to u

2 ways to remove blackheads home

se this method by wrapping (towel) around the Face and exposing the face to steam at a distance of 15 semums ten minutes to ensure that the pores open, then remove these black heads (zawan) on the nose is lightly pressed with a piece of clean cotton.After steaming, wash the face directly with warm or cold water to ensure the closure of the pores of the face of the face.Olive oilWash the face with warm water until it moisturizes the skin and stimulates the pores, put a little olive oil on a clean cloth and prefers medical gauze, and after being absorbed by the oil, add a little toothpaste and rub it with the nose area, repeat the process and then wash the face with warm water.Lemon juice, honey and saltMix an equal amount of lemon juice and salt by a tablespoon each, and put on the area of the Zawan and after ten minutes and dry the mixture, wash the face with water, and in the same way as honey is used after heating on the face for Fifteen minutes, and then rinse with warm water.VaselineVaseline is placed on the area of Zawan and covered with a clean piece of nylon and waiting fifteen minutes until the vaseline follows, and nylon always uses a piece of cloth that cleans well vaseli

ne.tomatoesTomatoes (tomatoes) are a natural material that is useful for cleaning the skin, and it is necessary for two tomatoes to peel and they are well bound with a garden. Pores.Was the article useful?

The method of removing blackheads

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