The method of whitening the armpit

1 tanning armpits

The method of whitening the armpit – ” Contents1 underarm tanning2 methods of underarm whiteningDarkening of the armpitsMany women specifically suffer from the problem of darkening of the skin in the armpits, which is the beginning of a disease or health problem, but rather a reaction to the skin due to exposure to certain materials such as creams that remove hair , or excessive exposure to harmful sunlight, or shaving in addition to sweating a lot of ventilation of the armpits, in addition to the accumulation of dead skin cells and the use of unsuitable deodorants; Therefore, we will discuss the following methods and recipes that help to whiten the underarms.Underarm whitening methodsPotatoThe acidic substances of potatoes help to use them as a natural bleaching substance, especially for the area under the armpits, which are quite the opposite of all the materials used in bleaching do not cause any skin irritation and are used by bringing a thin slice of potato, rub them under the armpit or place a quantity of potato juice and, leave it for a period ranging from fifteen to twenty minutes; Until it dries and rinses with lukewarm water, it is recommended to use one of these means every day to achieve satisfactory resul

2 methods of whitening the armpit

ts.OptionAlso, potatoes have cucumber materials with bleaching properties, helping to lighten the skin among them under the armpits, and it is simply used by bringing one or more slices and put it under the armpits and rubbed well, or applying juice for a Lemon Period; To form a paste and put it under the armpit for thirty minutes, rinse it with water and repeat one of these recipes every day or two days for best results.LemonLemon is not only a whitening factor, but it is considered as one of the natural antimicrobial factors such as bacteria; Therefore, lemon is excessively used in the treatment of all the problems related to the skin, such as the appearance of spots and blackness, among which is the blackness of the armpit, but after using it, it should be applied a proper moisturizer for the skin; Because lemon causes dehydration, and here is a piece of lemon, placed under the armpit and rub it well, and leave it for several minutes until its juice remains on the skin, then rinse the area well, and the same purpose can mix a The amount of lemon juice and crushed turmeric, in addition to honey and lemon, put the resulting paste under the armpit and leave it for ten minutes, and

then rinse, and then repeat these recipes three to four times a week.baking sodaIt helps to get rid of dead skin cells and get rid of blackness, mixing a quantity of soda and water to form a paste, put it under the armpit and rub it well, then rinse and dry, and repeat this recipe several times a week.Was the article helpful?

The method of whitening the armpit

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