The method of whitening under the armpits

1 tanning of the armpits

The method of whitening under the armpits – ” Contents1 underarm tanning2 natural recipes for underarm whitening3 reasons for underarm darkening4 tips for whitening underarms5 referencesDarkening of the underarmsUnderarm darkening is not a disease or medical condition, but it is a problem that can appear in some people as a result of exposure of this area to certain factors, and this can be facilitated from the problem of darkening of the underarm area using simple home treatments, unless it is a medical problem, you should consult a doctor for the diagnosis of sake. [1]Natural recipes for underarm bleachingIt should be noted that darkening of the underarm area can sometimes occur due to certain medical conditions, in which case it does not benefit from natural methods, and a doctor should be examined for diagnosis. To treat this problem, there are many natural recipes that help get rid of the problem of darkening and whitening of the underarm area, including:[1]PotatoesPotatoes contain clear acid properties that make them an excellent natural factor, and unlike strong impact factors, potatoes do not cause the appearance of skin on skin. The method is: [1]Ingredients: a potato.How to prepare:Potatoes are pressed until the ju

2 Natural recipes for the whitening of the armpits

ice is extracted from them.The juice is placed on the armpit area and left for 10 to 15 minutes until it dries.The area is washed with warm water.This recipe is repeated twice a day; for best results in a short time.OptionCucumber also contains natural properties that effectively whiten the skin. The method is:[1]Ingredients:Sufficient amount of cucumber.A small amount of turmeric powder.A small amount of lemon juice.How to prepare:Squeeze the cucumber and the juice is extracted from it.Mix the cucumber juice with turmeric powder and lemon juice well, until a paste is formed.The paste is placed on the underarm area and left for 30 minutes.The area is washed with water.This recipe is repeated once a day or day after day; for best results.Note: The underarms can be rubbed with a thin slice of cucumber, and this method is repeated once, or twice a day; For desired results.LemonLemon helps to treat many skin problems, including the problem of darkening underarm area; It contains many sterile, antiseptic and antibacterial properties, and lemon is considered to be a natural and effective natural factor, but it can cause skin drying. The method is:[1]ingredients:A small amount of lemon ju

3 Reasons for the darkening of the armpits

ice.A small amount of turmeric powder.A small amount of honey or yogurt.How to prepare:All the ingredients are mixed well with each other.The mixture is placed on the armpit area and it is left for 10 minutes.This recipe is repeated three or four times a week.Note: Some type of moisturizer should be used after finishing.Coconut oilCoconut oil is one of the suitable options to get rid of darkening underarm area; It contains vitamin E, which helps to whiten the area and is a natural alternative to deodorant. The method is:Ingredients: a quantity of coconut oil.How to prepare:Rub the underarm area with coconut oil.Leave for 10-15 minutes.The area is washed with soap and warm water.The recipe is repeated two to three times a day.Reasons for darkening underarmsThere are many bad habits that a person can do to cause the problem of underarm darkening, and whatever products are used afterwards to treat this problem, it will not be very beneficial if he continues to practice these bad habits, including: [2]Wearing tight clothes permanently.Being overweight.Neglecting to exfoliate the area regularly.Using deodorants that contain harsh ingredients.Washing the area with any of the soaps that c

4 tips for whitening the armpits

ause dry skin.Following the wrong way to remove excess hair that does not match the nature of this area.Not following a healthy diet.Tips for whitening underarmsThere are many tips that can be followed to whiten the underarm area, including:[3]Natural materials: You can try natural materials that have whitened, anti-bacterial and antiseptic, such as potatoes, cucumbers and lemon.Moisturizer: the underarm area should be moistened twice a day with natural materials such as: aloe vera and lingin (in English: lecithin).Exfoliation: where dead skin cells should be removed by exfoliation using natural materials such as: sugar, baking soda, rose water with baking soda, orange scales and pumice stone.Naturally treated liquids: The treatment of the area should be tried using some natural liquids such as milk, vinegar and coconut oil.Hair Removal: Waxing should be used instead of shaving to remove excess hair in the underarm area and stop removing excess hair in the area using electrolysis.Avoid sweat deodorants: you should avoid using deodorants; because it contains a lot of chemicals that make the underarm area a dark color.Consult a doctor: you should go to a doctor to make sure that ther

e are no specific diseases in the body that make this problem appear; Because this can happen due to endocrine, obesity, diabetes and a prescription to take certain types of grains that can help treat this problem.Following a healthy diet: a diet should be followed by the health condition of a person, especially those with diabetes.Stop taking birth control pills: if birth control pills are taken by mouth, you should stop taking it and look for another way.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The method of whitening under the armpits

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