The most important oils for the face

1 Best Oils for the face

The most important oils for the face – ” Contents1 best oils for the face2 The use of oils with natural recipes3 tips for healthy skin4 referencesThe best oilsThere are many oils that open up the skin and increase its freshness, including the following: [1]Coconut oil: It contains vitamin E, is used as a nibli and protects the skin (especially oily skin).Argan oil: It contains vitamin E and antioxidants. It moisturizes all skin types and is used daily before bed.Rose sow oil: a strong nutrition for the skin; it contains vitamins E, D, C, reduces wrinkles, protects the skin and moisturizes it.Jojoba oil: cleanses, moisturizes the skin, gets rid of acne and evens out its color.Methods of using oils with natural recipesThere are many recipes that make the skin shiny, beautiful, including the following: [2]Coconut oil recipe for the faceCoconut oil takes care of dry skin, moisturizes it and increases its freshness, and the method is:[2]how to prepare:Heat the oil until it becomes hot, then placed on the face.The face is rubbed for a few minutes, then it is left overnight.Repeat the recipe daily; for best results.Aloe Vera RecipeAloe vera gel rids the skin of several problems; It helps to get a healthy and beautiful skin and

2 The use of oils with natural recipes

how to use it as follows: [2]ingredients:One tablespoon of aloe vera gel (gel).A pinch of turmeric.One teaspoon of honey.One teaspoon of milk.How to prepare:All of the above ingredients are mixed together.Place a quantity of the mixture on the face and neck.Leave the mixture on the face and neck for 20 minutes.Wash the face and neck with lukewarm water and dry well.This recipe is used twice a week.Tips for healthy skinThere are many recommended tips; For vital and glowing skin, including the following: [3]Make sure makeup is removed.Peeling the skin once or twice a week; To remove dead skin layers.Using sunscreen; Drying the skin from the sun.Eat fresh fruits and vegetables.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

3 tips for healthy skin

The most important oils for the face

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