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The nails lengthened in a day – “Contents1 Nails lengthen per day2 How to strengthen and lengthen nails quickly3 referencesNails lengthened in one dayNails can not be lengthened in a day, or even a specific period for that, all that can be done is to strengthen the nails so that they do not break or make up, and only then the nails appear longer, so that they lengthen healthy, to strengthen the nails and take care of them against brittleness, or breakage and cracking, the following methods should be followed:[1][2]Proper food:In terms of eating foods containing calcium, silicon and biotin, which is vitamin B7 found in brown rice, bulgur, soybeans, green peas, oats and sunflower seeds. A doctor should be consulted when you want to try these elements through supplements.Moisturizing Nails:Place moisturizer on the hands and nails always, especially in winter; The air is dry and when using soap, using moisturizers such as skin moisturizers, petroleum jelly and vitamin E, and the nails are gently rubbed with moisturizer.Nail protection:Wear gloves when doing homework; To protect the nails.Proper care:To not cut the skin surrounding the nails, and it can be gently pushed with an orange stick, using nail scissors with a

2 How to strengthen and lengthen nails quickly

curved handle, and shear edges follow the curve of the nail and the use of nail polish free Polon, toloin, diphutel phthalate and alcohol-free nail polish.How to strengthen nails quicklyThere are several recipes through which the nails can be taken care of, strengthened against fracture or shock, including the following natural recipes:LemonadeLemon contains vitamin C, which facilitates the growth of nails, eliminates yellowing and should not be used on hands or fingers with wounds; Because it will enlarge it, and the way it is used is:[3]ingredients:One tablespoon of lemon juice.3 tablespoons of olive oil.Mix the lemon and olive oil in a bowl.Heat the mixture in the microwave for 20 seconds.Then soak the nails in the mixture for 10 minutes.The recipe can be repeated daily.Another daily method, using a slice of lemon, is rubbed on the nails for 5 minutes, and then washed with warm water.Coconut oilCoconut oil contains nutrients that provide hydration and nourishment of the nails, and for the surrounding skin, as it treats fungal infections there, so its use can be obtained healthy and strong nails, and its method is:[3]ingredients:Virgin coconut oil.A small amount of virgin coconu

t oil is heated.Then the nails and fingers are massaged with a circular motion; This stimulates nail growth by stimulating blood circulation.Repeat the recipe daily before going to sleep.Orange juiceOranges contain vitamin C, which stimulates collagen production, leading to strong and healthy nails, and the method of this recipe is:[3]ingredients:one orange.Spread the orange, then put the juice in a bowl.Soak the nails in a bowl of orange juice, for 10 minutes, then wash them.After that, the nails are well moistened.The recipe can be repeated daily.Olive oilOlive oil contains vitamin E, which nourishes and moisturizes the nails, and stimulates blood circulation, which facilitates its healthy and strong growth.Its method is:[3]ingredients:Olive oil.Heat olive oil, and the nails and surrounding skin are massaged for five minutes.Then the gloves are worn and leave them overnight.It is also possible to soak the nails in hot olive oil, for 15 to 20 minutes.This recipe is repeated once a cider vinegarApple vinegar treats brittle nails that break easily which hinders their growth, because it contains nutrients that improve the health of the nails, such as potassium, magnesium, c

alcium and iron, in addition to malik acid and acetic acid that works to fight nail infections, and Its method is:[4]ingredients:Natural apple to prepare:Mix equal amounts of unfiltered natural apple cider vinegar with water in a small bowl.The nails are soaked in this solution for a few minutes.The surrounding skin is gently pushed down immediately after soaking.This can be done once a day, and within a few days, the nails will become much stronger, and the solution can be stored after using it; To use at other times.Vitamin E oilNails need hydration, and one of its best moisturizers is vitamin E, which also has a role in infants and strengthen them, and how to apply it to the nails is:[4]ingredients:Vitamin E. capsulesHow to prepare:The vitamin E capsule is opened to extract the oil.The oil is applied to the nails before going to bed.Gently massaged for 5 minutes, to increase blood circulation.Repeat the recipe daily for a week or two.Ponytail herbPonytail is an herb rich in silica, and vital minerals that are beneficial for the health and strength of the nails, as it rids the nails of white spots, and their method is:[4]ingredients:2 tablespoons of dried ponyta

il.A cup of warm water.A little olive oil.gloves.Add two tablespoons of dried horse tail to a cup of hot water.Cover the cup for 10 minutes to soak the herb.When the soak cools, soak the nails for 20 minutes.Dry the nails with the slower, then rub it with a little olive oil.Let the oil and gloves are worn overnight; for best results.This treatment is repeated three or four times a week.Tea tree oilTea tree oil treats brittle nails, especially when fungal infection causes it, because it is a strong purification, and also fights infections, and its method is:[4]ingredients:Half a teaspoon of vitamin E.A few drops of tea tree oil.Mix the ingredients and rub the mixture on the nails gently massage for a few minutes.Leave the mixture on for 30 minutes.Then rinse with warm water and dry with the chip, then use a moisturizer.Repeat the recipe twice a day for a month.Sea saltSea salt contains many minerals that strengthen fragile nails and the surrounding skin, in addition to the brilliant shine of the nails when used, and its method is:[4]ingredients:2 tablespoons of soft sea salts.Warm water.2 drops of wheat germ oil.2 drops of bitter milk.2 drops of lemon oil.Mix the salts with water, t

hen add the rest of the ingredients to the mixture.The nails are soaked with the mixture for 10 to 15 minutes.After the soaking period, the nails are washed with warm water and dried with the chip.Grease the hands with a moisturizer.This treatment is repeated 2 to 3 times a week.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

The nails lengthened in a day

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