The psychological state of nail biting

1 Psychological state in nail biting

The psychological state of nail biting – ” Contents1 Psychological state in nail biting2 Nail biting treatments3 referencesThe psychological state of nail bitingThe psychological state is embodied in the process of nail biting, especially in children, in the anxiety that affects the individual when his anger, which affects him negatively in the process of resisting the problems he faces, escape from them and resort to isolation, loneliness and escape from reality and not face his problems, and this can be avoided by identifying the cause that the real is to change the psychological state and write the life in general, as it is possible to practice relaxation exercises daily to reduce the Percentage of stress and anxiety, and it is also advisable not to check the child and constantly monitor it a sense, as it contributes to the development of the child’s skills, improving the quality of his food and improving the activities in his life, such as exercise and drawing to reduce and forget this habit. [1]Nail bite treatmentNeem oilNeem oil helps to stop nail biting, as it is the bait, and it is by soaking a cotton ball with neem oil then applying the nails. [2]GarlicGarlic helps to stop biting, by rubbing the nails with garlic

2 Nail biting treatment

, then leaving for a few minutes, then washing the hands, as this will prevent the smell of the nails mixed with garlic from biting them. [2]Skin creamSkin cream can be used and applied to the nails while massaging the surrounding area for several times a day to remove wax buildup from the area around the nail and calm skin irritation. [3]BiteNails can be applied with biting barriers and liquid dominated materials that resemble nail polish, but they are characterized by their bitter taste, which prevents the process of biting the nails and avoid them. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The psychological state of nail biting

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