The reason for the appearance of pills on the face during pregnancy

1 face pills during pregnancy

The reason for the appearance of pills on the face during pregnancy – “Contents1 Face pill during pregnancy2 Video on the appearance of pills during pregnancyFace pills during pregnancyMany pregnant women suffer from multiple problems such as the appearance of pimples and pimples in various parts of the body, and these pills appear in the first three months of pregnancy, and there are several factors that lead to pimples for many reasons that differ from one woman to another, and in this article we will mention the most important causes of injury pimples during pregnancy.Reasons for the appearance of face pills for a pregnant womanIncreased male hormone: during pregnancy, a woman suffers from many hormonal changes, including increased secretion of male hormone, because this hormone increases the secretion of fatty substances in the skin, which blocks the pores as a result of the accumulation of fatty layers, making them more willing to appear on pimples and zits.Change in eating habits: during the stage of pregnancy, the eating habits of pregnant women differ, including its constant feeling of hunger, which makes them eat different types of foods that contain a high percentage of fat to fill their hunger, which increases the chance of the appearance

2 video about the appearance of pills during pregnancy

of pimples on their face and different areas of his body.Genetic factors: The genetic factor is one of the most important causes of the emergence of pimples difficult to fight, as a woman suffers before pregnancy and increases during pregnancy.Medication: The woman is obliged to take medication that the doctor may prescribe during this period, to maintain her health and the health of her fetus, and these medications may have side effects such as the appearance of pills on the skin, which requires an Examination of the specialized doctor to solve this problem.Tension: The pregnant woman, especially when she is pregnant, gets tension, anxiety and instability of the psychological state, which causes the appearance of pimples.Safe recipes to treat pimples during pregnancyLemon: squeeze half a lemon, then put the juice on the face and leave ten minutes after that, wash it with water, because lemon juice helps to close the pores and contract it and eliminate the grains and give the face an aromatic smell and caution should be careful when using and conducting an allergy test, because lemon can cause sensitivity to the skin.Aloe vera gel: white aloe vera gel is extracted from the leaves o

f aloe vera, and it can also be obtained in perfume stores, where it is applied to the face and left for fifteen minutes, after which it is washed with cold water.Yeast and lemon: apply a bag of dry yeast in a small dish, add a tablespoon of warm water and two drops of lemon juice, mix the mixture well, then apply to the face and leave for an hour or more, then wet hands with wet hands with water and remove gently without rubbing so as not to irritate the skin, then wash well with cold water.Tips to reduce pimples during pregnancyUse oil-free skin moisturizers.Avoid peeling or squeezing pills to avoid leaving marks on the skin.Stay away from using antibiotics to treat pimples during pregnancy because of their danger to fetal health.Wash the skin regularly with an antibacterial cleanser.Video on the appearance of pills during pregnancyWatch this video to see if the appearance of pills is a sign of pregnancy:Was the article helpful?

The reason for the appearance of pills on the face during pregnancy

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