The reason for the appearance of small pills on the face

1 Reasons for the appearance of small pills on the face

The reason for the appearance of small pills on the face – ” Contents1 reasons for the appearance of small pills on the face2 Review the doctor3 Video on how to get rid of facial pills4 referencesReasons for the appearance of small pills on the facePills in the face seem to be more common than the rest of the body, especially acne, because of the presence of many oil glands in the skin of this area, and the pills appear in their various forms when the blocks of follicles connected to the Oil glands or their inflammation occur, and the clarification of this comes:[1]Whitehead is produced when the hair follicles are raised.Black heads are produced when the surface is broken and exposed to the air, which turns its color to brown, and it may appear as dirt stuck in the pores of the face, but it is actually a congestion with oil and bacteria.Red pimples with a white center appear as a result of blocked hair follicles and their bacterial infection or inflammation.While a statement of certain factors that can stimulate the appearance of facial pills or increase their intensity, especially acne:Hormonal fluctuationsHormonal fluctuations are one of the main reasons that stimulate the appearance of facial pimples, especially the high percentage of a

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ndrogenic hormones or male hormones, because it causes an increase in the size of the oil glands under the skin, and thus produce larger amounts of fat or sebum (English: Sebum), and leads to the accumulation, sebum should break down the cell walls in the pores of the face and facilitate the growth of bacteria, and it is worth noting that the percentage of these hormones generally increases with the onset of adulthood, and these hormones in women turn into estrogen. [2]DietEating certain types of food may contribute to the increase in acne or facial pills such as high carbohydrate foods such as chips and bread, but it has not yet been determined whether these people refrain from eating specific foods that can help alleviate the problem of pills . [3]Tension and stressTension and psychological stress in itself does not cause acne or facial pills, but it contributes to increase its intensity in case of infection, or the delay in the disappearance of grains and the delay in its recovery, according to a study published in 2003 in the Journal of the American Medical Association in which tension causes the delay in healing pills, thus increasing the number of pills and increasing the ris

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k of developing pills as a result of the delay in the healing of old grains. [4] [5]GeneticsThe risk of facial pills increases when one or both parents are infected with it, and it has been found that the injury of both parents in the love of young people leads in the past to a high risk of children in a severe state of facial pills at An early age, as is the case when the parents are infected after puberty, the children are more likely to be injured. During the same period. [6]Other causes and factorsOne of the causes and other factors that can increase the risk of facial pills is the following:The use of certain medications such as lithium, testosterone and corticosteroids. [3]Smoking, especially for the elderly. [6]Falsification of acne eras. [7]Certain weather conditions, such as high humidity. [7]Living in areas of air pollution. [7]Using greasy skin care products such as certain types of creams, washes, and oil-based hair products. [7]Exposure to grease periodically, such as working in one of the restaurants that serve fried and greasy foods. [7]See a doctorIt is worth seeing a doctor in case the face pills do not improve after following the general advice or using medicines

that do not need a prescription, in which case the doctor can prescribe strong medicines, and when they adhere to the therapeutic plan, Almost everyone gets rid of the face pills or acne. [8]Video on how to get rid of facial pillsthe reviewerWas the article helpful?

The reason for the appearance of small pills on the face

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