The reason for the appearance of white heads

1 white heads

The reason for the appearance of white heads – ” Contents1 white heads1.1 The reason for the appearance of white heads1.2 Treatment of white heads1.3 Prevention of whiteheaded kernelsWhiteheadsThis is a type of acne, which appears as a result of the accumulation of fat, sweat and dead skin cells, which in turn closes the pores and clogs them completely, and white pills can appear in many different places in the facial area, especially Around the eyes and on the cheeks, and these pills appear in some people in the area, chest, neck and forehead, can be accompanied by black heads, as well as acne. There are many people who can not distinguish between white heads and blackheads, because they converge in shape, but the white head pellets should be eliminated with very serious caution.The reason for the appearance of white headsThe main cause of these pills is due to the accumulation of fats and oils in the pores under the skin, as doctors have not been able to find the actual cause of their appearance. Therefore, the affected person should be careful when such heads appear on his skin, and not to get rid of them by themselves, because white heads are completely different from blackheads and other pimples, the pressure on them expos

1.1 The reason for the appearance of white heads

es the skin to the Opening and the skin remains a permanent red spot.Treatment of whiteheadsA person should not alter the white head, but rather leave them; Because some of them disappear after a few days have passed, but if the pills are numerous, they should be posted to a dermatologist, where the infected place is presented with steam to open the pores and facilitate the management of the pills, the specialist then opens The presenter of the white heads, using a sterile needle, and presses them to remove the pus from them, where this is the most common way to get rid of white heads.Prevention of white headsConstantly maintain the cleanliness of the skin and commit to cleaning at least two authors a day, through the use of skin care products and skin that are suitable for each skin type, especially products that transform their components without blocking the pores of the skin .Maintain the use of dead skin peeling products two to three times a week, as the entire face is applied from the product in a circular manner, to spread and distribute it to the entire skin, and focus on the area affected by white heads, so Getting a fresh skin, in which develop new skin cells, it opens al

1.2 White heads treatment

l the blocked pores.Commitment to apply facial moisturizers, to keep it from dehydration, so that the skin is oily in nature.Using steam baths for the face for only a few minutes, and once a week, to get a deep clean, while the steam rids the skin of dust, grease, oils and perspiration, and the remains of cosmetic materials accumulated in the pores, in addition to what it opens the pores, and softens the skin to facilitate its cleaning and the use of the manual tool to get rid of blackheads.Was the article useful?

1.3 Prevention of grains with white heads

The reason for the appearance of white heads

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