The reasons for the appearance of acne in the face

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The reasons for the appearance of acne in the face – ” Contents1 acne2 reasons for the appearance of acne3 foods that increase the appearance of acne4 types of acne and appearance sites5 natural recipes to get rid of acne6 medical prescriptions to get rid of acne7 referencesAcneYoung love is one of the common skin problems, and it appears when the dead skin cells and natural oils that the skin produces by accumulating on the skin pores and hair follicles start to close it, and most of those who suffer from young love are teenagers; This is because of the hormonal changes that happen to them in adulthood, but in general, most people suffer from this problem at some point in their lives. In this article, we will talk about why acne appears and how to get rid of it. [1]Reasons for the appearance of acneThere are several reasons that can lead to an increase in the appearance of acne, and the following are some of them: [2]The occurrence of hormonal changes in your body: as it occurs before the menstrual cycle, and this condition is often the main cause of the appearance of acne.Tension and pressure: This is also another case of hormonal change in your body. When your body is exposed to tension and stress, the adrenal gland inside the bod

2 reasons for acne appearing

y functions to produce tension hormones, known as cortisol hormone; So that the body can manage the tension inside.Air pollution: it collects dirt on your face.Use products that are not suitable for your skin: especially if you are an oily or mixed skin; Therefore, we advise you to buy skin care products, which are free of oils, or those that depend on water; Where these products ensure that the pores are not closed in your body; Its closure increases the appearance of acne.Clean your face frequently: this process can worsen your position regarding acne; Therefore, we advise you to clean your face only twice a day at the most, and if the number exceeds that, it is possible that your skin is dehydrated, and thus your body is then forced to secrete more oils.Foods that increase the appearance of acneIn the past, the link between food and acne was a controversial issue, and the relationship between them was not clearly emphasized, but recent studies now confirm the existence of a very important role for food in the appearance of acne significantly. In what comes, we will mention some types of food that contribute to the increase of the problem of these pills: [3]Refined carbohydrates,

3 Foods that increase the appearance of acne

include bread, cookies, white flour grains or candies, white flour pasta, white rice, soft drinks, sweetened drinks and sweeteners such as sugar cane, diameter and honey.Milk and its products.Fast food.Foods rich in omega-6 fatty acids.Chocolate.Foods that cause you allergies.Types of acne and places of appearanceThere are six main types of acne, namely: [1]Black-headed seeds: this type is closed and the color of the oils is inclined to brown. As a result of exposure to air.Whiteheads: Here the pores are very closed and hard; Therefore, it is difficult to fall off.Papules Pills: These are grains with red heads and cause pain when they do.Pustules: They are pills of previous type, but they are full of sacrifice, and they have a white color at the top.Nodules: This is a large bumper under the skin, which causes great pain for the person.Cysts: This is a large bumper full of ugliness, and similar to boils.These pills usually appear in places where sebaceous glands are present, such as the face, chest, shoulders or back. [1]Natural recipes to get rid of acneTo get rid of acne, the following recipes can be followed:Oats: oats is a very useful recipe to reduce acne; This is due to its w

4 types of acne and places of appearance

onderful ability to clean the pores of the skin and absorb excess oils, in addition to that, it is a good exfoliating factor for the skin. The following method to prepare this recipe:[4]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.Half a grain of fresh lemon.A single cup of cooked to prepare:Mix all the above ingredients well.Put the mixture on your skin and rub it with.Leave the mixture for 30 minutes, then wash it off with warm water.Repeat this recipe once or twice a week.Lemon juice: Lemon has acidic properties, which makes it a very excellent recipe to treat the problem of acne; it has the ability to clean the dirt accumulated in the pores of the skin, and also converts the fats into a solid state. The way this recipe works comes from:[4]ingredients:Sufficient amount of lemon juice.Sufficient amount of rose water is equal to the amount of lemon juice.How to prepare:Mix the above ingredients well.Put the mixture on the acne affected area and wash it with it.Repeat this recipe once a day, unless the skin is dry, it is recommended to repeat this recipe every two or three days.Medical prescriptions to get rid of acneSome types of acne can be treated without needing a prescription, b

ut there are other types that need to go to a dermatologist. Some treatments may take a few months until they start to take effect, and the following will be mentioned by some:[1]Benzoyl peroxide.Retinoids.Azelaic.Antibiotic.Hormonal treatment.the reviewerWas the article useful?

The reasons for the appearance of acne in the face

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