The reasons for the appearance of excess hair in the body intensively and how it is treated

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The reasons for the appearance of excess hair in the body intensively and how it is treated – ” Contents1 excess hair2 reasons for the appearance of excess hair heavily3 How to treat the appearance of excess hair heavily4 referencesExcess hairHirsutism; This is a pathological condition, which is the growth of hair in women with a male pattern, in which the growth of dark and coarse hair is manifested, and in the areas of the body where hair usually grows in men, such as men, such as men, such as The face, chest, abdomen and back, and it should be alert here that what it can be considered excessive can vary depending on race and culture. [1]Reasons for the emergence of excessive hair stronglyThe emergence of excessive hair is largely related to many reasons, and this problem can appear without any clear reason, due to its association with ethnic differences; As Middle Eastern and South Asian females are more likely to develop excessive hair growth, without any specific medical problem or cause, and the clear causes of the growth of hair growth come largely: [1] [2]The genetic factor: hair growth is excessive is considered genetically transmitted and affect sex hormones.Hormonal imbalances: At puberty, the female body begins to secrete female hormones, as well as secrete male

2 Reasons for the appearance of excess hair heavily

hormones, but in a small percentage, which in turn causes the appearance of hair in the genital area and under the armpits, but when the percentage of Hormones are unbalanced, the high percentage of male hormones called androgens is called androgens. The hair grows excessively, and this can also cause acne, and small breast size and other symptoms, and we mention what comes behind the imbalance of the percentage of body hormones:Small Ovarian Syndrome; Polycystic ovary syndrome, which is the most common causes of hair growth, because it causes a hormonal imbalance in the body, and the affected woman may suffer from the formation of small fluid filled ovary, in addition to excess hair growth, menstrual, menstrual Cycle disorder, obesity, obesity, obesity, obesity, obesity, obesity and obesity sometimes infertility.Cucing syndrome, the body suffers from Kusheng syndrome when exposed to high levels of cortisol, for a period of time, may result from the secretion of large amounts of the adrenal gland or due to prednisone.Congenital hyperplasia; It is a genetic disease, in which the adrenal gland produces an abnormal amount of steroids, which includes androgens and cororkarzol.Tumors:

3 How to treat the appearance of excess hair heavily

It is considered one of the rarest cases that cause excessive hair growth and includes a malignant tumor in the ovaries or adrenal gland.Use of certain types of medications: medications that cause hair growth include the following:Hormonal medications.Drugs that stimulate hair growth; Like Minoxidil.Danazol; Which is used in the treatment of endometriosis, in which the endometrium grows outside the uterus.Systemic corticosteroids.Fluoxetine; User treats depression.Obesity: obesity is associated with increased body secretion of androgens.High insulin level: insulin can cause the ovaries to stimulate androgen production, and high insulin occurs when the body’s cells are resistant to it, as is the case in type 2 diabetes. [3]How to treat the appearance of excess hair stronglyOne of the most important steps to treat excessive hair growth is weight loss, because by losing weight, the body produces a lower amount of embuate and the treatment of this condition is divided into two parts, cosmetic therapy; Where the use of different hair removal methods and drug therapy; Where the cause is treated, using medical treatment. [3]CosmeticExcessive hair causes the feeling of embarrassment and re

sentment for some, so the use of different hair removal options, of which we mention the following: [3] [4]Bleaching, which is based on making the hair less light.Hair removal cream: most of these creams are based on the presence of thioogolaate, which is placed on the skin for a short period of time, and then the cream is removed.PUNITION: It should be noted here that there is no link between shaving and the appearance of hair more intensively.Waxing: This process is repeated every 4 to 6 weeks.Hair Removal Machines: These devices depend on the cut and then pull the excess hair.Laser: laser beams are used to form heat inside the hair follicles, to prevent the growth of hair in them, and therefore are the best options for hair removal, especially for light people and black hair, and one of its negatives is that it takes a long time, the treatment is in the form of sessions that last for months to years, in addition to its high prices, it should be noted that a person specializes in this process, such as a dermatologist or plastic surgeon.Electrolysis is considered this method less common than laser treatment, through which the hair follicles are exposed to heat, but the source is e

lectrical and not light rays as is the case in laser treatment, and it can cause scar formation.PharmacotherapyPrescribed pharmaceutical treatment options include the following: [5]Birth control pills, which is one of the most common pharmacokinetic hair growth treatments, as these medications reduce ovarian production for Androidins, and results appear within 6 to 12 months.Anti-androgens; These drugs include spironolactone, finasteride and flutamide, where they are used alone or by using them with birth control pills.Low dose steroid: this medication is used, in cases where the cause of excessive hair growth is excessive activity in the adrenal gland.Efornithine hydrochloride; This cream is used to make the hair growth process slower, as the results start to appear after 6 to 8 weeks of use when its use is stopped. The hair returns to the growth as it was before use, and therefore it is used in addition to other hair removal Options.Insulin delivery drugs: Metformin can be prescribed for women who suffer from multi-cyst ovarian syndrome, especially overweight. [4]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The reasons for the appearance of excess hair in the body intensively and how it is treated

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