The validity of the presence of ways to fatten the body in a week

1 healthy weight gain

The validity of the presence of ways to fatten the body in a week – ” Contents1 healthy weight gain2 referencesHealthy weight gainA large number of people suffer from the problem of excessive thinness, which causes them a lot of health problems and psychological problems, because people can suffer from thinness as a result of several reasons, including; Father and disasters, and neglecting food consumption, in addition to psychological problems and pressures, and many others, but this problem can be solved by gradually gaining weight by increasing the amount of calories consumed, but it takes some time until the signs of the signs of the signs Weight gain appears on the body, there are many methods that can increase weight and reduce thinness, and although some of these methods come: [1]Increase in total calories consumedA person can increase his weight by eating an amount of calories more than his daily requirement, and if he wants to gain weight quickly in a week, for example, he can try to eat more than his daily calorie requirements in the amount of 700-1000 calories, and if the person is, he wants a slow increase, so he should be increased by 300-500 calories per day. [2]Increase the number of meals consumed.A person can increase his weight qu

ickly by increasing the number of meals he eats, getting five or six meals a day rather than the temporary device. [3]Increase the amount of protein consumedWhen a person can increase the amount of calories he consumes by increasing the amount of protein in his diet, so that it helps to build healthy muscle mass in the body, rather than eating foods that increase weight with unhealthy images. [1]Drink nutritious beveragesHealthy calories can be obtained by adding drinks in the diet, without harming the health of a person; For example, fresh juices made at home can be chosen manually and avoid packaged fruit juices; Because it contains high levels of sugar and preservatives, and you should avoid soft drinks, flavored coffee or local tea; It contains large amounts of calories, but harmful and not beneficial to the body; It contains unhealthy fats. [4] [3]ExerciseWeightlifting exercises help to achieve a healthy weight; As its practice for at least three days a week helps to get muscles and get rid of the lean body, and these exercises include: complex movements that allow a person to effectively develop muscles, such as: deadlifts and squat (in English squats, Bench press lice and pe

ople who regularly deal with aerobic amounts of calories consumed; To ensure the provision of adequate energy to the body. [2]the reviewerWas the article useful?

The validity of the presence of ways to fatten the body in a week

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