The yeast method for fattening the face

1 yeast method for fattening the face

The yeast method for fattening the face – ” Contents1 yeast method to fatten the face2 additional benefits for yeast masksYeast method to fatten the faceThe consistency of the body is one of the important things that give a person the right appearance, and the face is one of the most important; It is the interface that expresses the person, but there are defects that reduce its beauty, such as the neighborhood of its fullness, there are people who suffer from their small faces, especially in the cheek area. The body follows the genes. For example, some people suffer from obesity and their faces remain in the required size, and others lose fat on their faces as soon as they diet to lose weight, which gives the impression of disease and stress, and fortunately There is a way to make the face more full, using yeast.Yeast milk and curdIngredients:1 tablespoon of yeast.One tablespoon of natural bee honey.Lemon juice.One spoonful of curd (yogurt).How to prepare and use:The four ingredients are mixed well.Wash the face with warm water; be clean.Apply the mixture on the face and leave for half an hour.Rub the face with the mask, then wash with warm water.The face is moisturized with an appropriate moisturizer.Yeast and rose waterI

2 additional benefits for yeast masks

ngredients:1 tablespoon of yeast.1 tablespoon of natural bee.1 tablespoon of rose water.1 tablespoon of siphon herb powder.How to prepare and use:Mix the ingredients well and place in the refrigerator for ten minutes.Wash your face with more clean and warm water. To open the pores.The mixture is distributed on the nose except for the nose and leave it for an hour.The recipe is repeated daily for at least five days.Additional benefits for yeast masksRegular use of any of the previous masks is due to the skin with several benefits in addition to fattening, namely:Provide freshness and radiance to the face.Resist the signs of stress and waste.Resist signs of aging, as it contains a high percentage of protein and vitamin B, which give the cells strength and flexibility.Reduce the inflammation of acne and reduces its spread.Remove spots, reduce the accumulation of melanin in certain cells.Oral yeast can be taken to fatten, and therefore the body gets many important elements that stimulate the nervous system, strengthen the immune system and strengthen the hair, as they can be used externally on the hair to strengthen it and prevent hair loss, and delay the appearance of graying, and the

re are no warnings of using yeast on the skin but to reserve it, it is recommended to try the previous recipes on a small part of the skin before applying the mask completely; To ensure that it is not sensitive.Was the article useful?

The yeast method for fattening the face

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