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Thinner – ” Contents1 slimmer face2 causes of thinner face3 conditional face treatmentThinner faceSome people suffer from the thinnest body of the body, and some suffer from thinner in certain parts of the body, of which the most important and common are the thinner face that many girls and women complain about in various age groups, and This not only indicates a health problem, but also causes distress and embarrassment; So here we will discuss the most important reasons that lead to the thin face; Avoid it as much as possible, as we will discuss the ways that can be resorted to solve this problem.Causes of thinner faceThe thinness of the face has multiple and different reasons, and includes the following:Follow a bad diet, the most important of which are diets that deprive the body of certain nutrients.Do not sleep and comfort enough.Excessive fatigue and tiredness.Genetic factors and causes.Treatment of the face thinnerThe treatment is the beginning by avoiding the reasons that lead to the thinness of the face, but there is a group of ways that help to fatten the face and return it to its nature, and includes the following:FoodIt is advisable to eat fruits, the most important of which are

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bananas and oranges in addition to grapes, as well as vegetables such as peas and cucumber; Because they contain vitamin B, which helps to fatten the face, in addition to drinking fenugreek and orchids and eating raw potatoes, and sesame also helps to fatten the face because it contains a group of nutritious oils, which gives the skin a great softness as a softness as a great softness as a great softness also Well, eating a cup of sesame every day and for two weeks.Masks and mixturesSpecifically, which is prepared using natural materials and includes the following:Parsil folded so that it is placed on the face and protects it from yellowing and paleness.Brewer’s yeast: with a cup of yogurt mixed with honey and brewer’s yeast, every day for a full month.Fenugreek: Here, five tablespoons of fenugreek are brought specifically, and three tablespoons of sugar, in addition to a tablespoon of black honey and four cups of water, mix all these ingredients well, put the mixture on the fire for ten minutes and Stir it continuously, and remove it from the fire after that and put it in a cup and eat it, it can be sweetened with a little sugar, and it is best to eat it daily for a full month, e

3 Conditional face treatment

specially before going to sleep directly .Natural oils: Placing appropriate amounts of one of them on the face every day at a rate of two to three times, and massaging it in the form of circular motions, and here you can use olive oil or almond oil, in addition to peppermint oil and castration, sunflower oil as well as sesame, placing one of them alone or mixing everything; So that the pores of the skin are filled specifically with fat cells, resulting in an increase in their size, and you have to take into account the need to keep them away from the eye and nose.Was the article useful?


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