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Tools for the massage – ” Contents1 massage2 tools for massage3 benefits of massage for the body4 referencesmassageMassage is considered one of the most important ways that people use since ancient times to treat many diseases and to relieve the pain that can occur in the muscles, and the fact that massage is not limited to the treatment of physical diseases, but its benefits exceed until it becomes one of the most important treatments of mental illness, because it is because it eliminates tension and fatigue, and gives to a sense of comfort and relaxation. And massage is a massage of the body and pressure on it in a special way that refreshes it and moves the blood circulation there, and this is done in many different ways, as it is used as certain oils and creams to massage the body , as it should be mentioned that the best times to do the massage are early in the morning or before bed, as it prefers to shower first for a better result. [1]Tools for massageMassage The body has many health benefits, which help to revive and relax, and also helps to filter the mind of all the problems, so we will mention the most important tools that can be used to get an effective and correct massage: [2]Comfortable bed.

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A calm atmosphere.Sesame oil, where the sesame oil is characterized by cold and suitable for making a massage that stimulates the body, and therefore to get a better result. Coconut oil can also be used, because it works as a skin of the skin, and gives the skin a clear glow, in addition to this, it has a strong smell and strong.A special massage cream, used to make a massage.Special rocks for the needs.Benefits of massage for the bodyAmong the benefits of massage: [3]Get rid of the cold and dampness.Contribute to the treatment of many diseases such as insomnia, tension, headaches and headaches, as well as the treatment of paralysis and infertility.Psychological relaxation and calm nerves, which leads to positive thinking due to muscle relaxation.Increasing the elasticity of the body and stimulating blood circulation.Tighten the body and maintain the softness of the skin.Get rid of the back, shoulders, joints and neck.Opening the pores, removing toxins from the body.Removing dead cells and harmful substances that remain in the way of normal body functions.Promote immunity, because researchers have confirmed that massage increases the number of white blood cells responsible for the

3 Benefits of massage for the body

defense of the body against disease.Helps weight loss; because it stimulates blood circulation, as studies have shown that one session every week or two helps to get rid of the problem of excessive thinness.Scalp massage during massage improves hair growth, because making a massage for the scalp helps to stimulate the movement of blood in the head and reach the hair of the hair.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Tools for the massage

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