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Topic of body hygiene – “Contents1 Methods of maintaining personal hygiene2 The cleanliness of the body3 referencesMethods of maintaining body hygieneHand hygiene after using the toiletAnd it is by washing the hands well after using the toilet, rubbing them well with soap and water for a period ranging from twenty to thirty seconds, then dry them with a clean towel, and the hand sterilizer can be used as a substitute for water if it is not available. [1]TeethDental hygiene is one of the smart methods that ensure its preservation and reduces the incidence of many common diseases, including gum disease, tooth decay, etc., using a toothbrush at a rate of no less than twice a day, specifically in the morning and evening hours before bedtime and after waking up, in addition to using the floss for cleaning, and a medical teeth is also used to protect against bacteria and germs. [1]Other ways to keep the body cleanThere are many ways that ensure the maintenance of personal hygiene and protect against any damage resulting from its absence, including: [2]Be sure to wash the hair periodically and continuously, and at a rate of no less than once a week.Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after using the bathro

2 body cleanliness

om.Wash hands and make sure to sterilize them well before eating main meals or food.It is necessary to clean teeth well after meals, at least twice in the morning and evening, to avoid diseases that affect both gums and lead to tooth decay.Avoid sneezing or coughing in the faces of others, to avoid moving germs.Bathe and wash your body well, as it expels germs.Body hygieneThe concept of body hygiene or personal hygiene in English (personal hygiene) refers to the set of practices according to which the body is preserved, and this includes the helicoid and the use of preparations to maintain hygiene, including perfumes and others, knowing that It guarantees people to appear with great confidence, and increases their respect and appreciation of themselves, and it should be noted that the low level of cleanliness of the body is accompanied by many harmful effects, including diseases and epidemics, as well as psychological and social damage and that their supporters protect against these problems and reduces the risk of developing various health problems, such as cough, cold, etc. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

Topic of body hygiene

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