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Topic of hands hygiene – ” Contents1 Hand hygiene2 How to wash your hands3 hand washing time4 referencesHand hygieneWashing hands and keeping them clean is an important thing, in order to prevent germs from moving and spreading; When there are many behaviors and practices that a person performs, which facilitates the transmission of germs from hands to mouth, especially when they eat with unclean hands, and the individual can not wear gloves 24 hours a day, so it is important to maintain the cleanliness of the cleanliness of The hands and wash them continuously, and this is the prevention of various diseases. [1]How to wash your handsThere is a set of steps that must be followed to get two clean hands, and it is as follows: [2]Moisturizing hands with hot or cold water, placing them under the running tap.Put the soap on the palm of one of the hands, then begin the process of rubbing the hands, around the nails and between them, and between the fingers, and around the wrist.Continue rubbing the hands for about 20 seconds or more.Wash hands thoroughly with soap and water after completing the scrubbing process, placing hands back under the water faucet.Dry hands with a clean towel, or put them under the dryer

2 How to wash hands

and dry them well.Use the towel to turn off the water faucet or use the elbow if a towel is not available.Hand washing timeHands should be washed when they are dirty, but there are instances when you need to make sure hands are clean to prevent germ transmission and they are as follows: [3]Before eating.After wiping the nose, sneezing or coughing.Before, during and after preparing food.Before and after caring for a sick person.After using the toilet.After changing the child’s pace, or after cleaning the child as soon as he or she is finished with the toilet.Before and after treating wounds.When touching a pet, or after finishing cleaning up animal waste.After collecting or touching garbage.the reviewerWas the item useful?

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Topic of hands hygiene

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