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Topic on personal hygiene – “Contents1 Personal hygiene2 How to pay attention to personal hygiene3 Personal hygiene in the Islamic religion4 Video The importance of personal hygienePersonal hygienePersonal hygiene is defined as a set of customs, character and practices that a person performs in order to preserve his smell and public health, because the interest in personal hygiene is many benefits that are accustomed to man, including preserving human activity, vitality and health and respect people away from their mockery, criticism and disgust in the case of its lack, and in this article we will talk about personal hygiene.How to pay attention to personal hygienePersonal hygieneIt includes the cleanliness of different organs and hair, and can be maintained by certain practices, including:Shower daily, or for all ages, or it is possible to determine three times a week for bathing, preferably the bathroom is fast in a way that does not take five minutes to avoid wasting water and time.Get rid of hair from the armpits by periodically including the hair in the pubic area, using a special machine with the need to sterilize it with alcohol after each use to kill germs and microbes.Take the nails at least two week

2 How to pay attention to personal hygiene

s.Use materials to eliminate sweat, such as deodorant or natural materials such as alum, on a daily basis.Reducing weight as much as possible, because excessive weight of human needs leads to increased secretion of sweat.Paying attention to a healthy diet, as the quality of the food a person eats affects the smell of sweat.Avoid certain types of clothing, such as artificial fibers and Karina.Using a special shampoo for the hair, making sure to clean it and get rid of the accumulated grease, in addition to other problems that can affect it, such as lice and nits.Oral hygieneClean your teeth daily at least twice a day.Visit the dentist at least once a year.Drink more water.Reduce the intake of garlic and onions, especially when you leave the house.Treat or eradicate almond inflammation if necessary.Be sure to chew sugar-free gum, knowing that this solution is not suitable for owners of fillings and facilities in the mouth.Use Miswak twice a day.CleaningChange the underwear with no less than twice a day.Change the pod and wash it daily.Wearing clean outer clothes.Personal hygiene in the Islamic religionThe Islamic religion was keen to spread the principles of hygiene among Muslims, an

3 Personal hygiene in the Islamic religion

d this is evident in many teachings of the Islamic religion, and perhaps the most important is the need to perform the Muslim for five times a day before going to prayer, In addition to the need to wash from impurity, and the use of Miswak at every prayer and many other teachings.Video of the importance of personal hygieneWatch the video to know the importance of personal hygiene:Was the article helpful?

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