Treating acne and lightening the skin

1 Washing hands

Treating acne and lightening the skin – “Contents1 Wash your hands2 Wash the face regularly3 Exfoliation of the skin4 Bathing with warm water5 Natural recipes for skin without grains6 referencesCleaning your handsBefore washing the face and cleaning, it must be well washed, because all the dirt and bacteria will be easily transmitted to the skin. [1]Washing the face regularlyThe face should be washed twice a day using warm water and appropriate soap according to the type of skin, even if the person believes that his skin is clean and does not need to wash, and it is very important to clean the face before going to bed every night and every morning, while gently massaging the skin until the irritation does not occur. it is more bad. [2]scrubIt is possible that exfoliation is an ideal solution for the skin, but in some cases, the skin increases the skin, so it must be known if it is useful and effective for the skin to apply, and it differs in some skin conditions and its types , when there are pills in the skin, exfoliation is not good because it is possible to damage it, and it is peeled with salt or sugar with a slow and circular movements, and then wash it with warm water, taking into account the Lack of excessive peel

2 Wash the face regularly

ing process because it is possible to expose the skin to irritation and the emergence of acne. [2]Bathing in lukewarm waterBathing is saved from dirt and bacteria that cause body odor, because their accumulation can cause pimples, so it is necessary to shower once a day, taking into account the lack of hot water shower because it removes the important oils in the skin. [2 ]]Natural recipes for skin without grainsNatural treatments are useful for the skin and help to clean it and maintain the beauty of the face, and the ingredients are safe for all skin types. These recipes are as follows: [3]Lemon and yogurtThe lemon and yogurt recipe is beneficial for oily skin and grains, while lemon works to whiten the skin gradually, and anti-infection, and also helps restore the collagen lost in the skin, and yogurt works due to its properties to kill Bacteria, and applied by placing a little yogurt and lemon on the face, then leave it for a simple period, then wash the face well. [3]Cinnamon and sugarThe recipe of cinnamon and sugar helps to purify the face from the grains, as cinnamon has anti-bacterial and fungal properties, while sugar that contains glycolic acid, which in turn helps to ge

3 exfoliation of the skin

t a soft and grain-free skin, and this recipe is applied By mixing some of these ingredients, and then rub the face with pleasant and circular movements. [3]the reviewerWas the article useful?

4 Bathing with warm water

Treating acne and lightening the skin

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