Treating acne and spots

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Treating acne and spots – ” Contents1 Home remedies2 Restoration of the skin3 pharmacokinetics4 referencesHome remediesThere are many home recipes that can help get rid of spots and acne. We mention the following:Tomatoes and avocado: Put a quantity of water in a bowl on the fire until bouil 15 minutes; In order to try to open the pores of the skin, then spread the mixture on the skin and leave for 30 to 40 minutes and wash with warm water. [1]Egg whites: egg white helps to get rid of acne, because it contains a lot of vitamins and proteins, as it works to develop skin cells, and is used by a little egg whites, then wash the face and distribute egg whites on the skin and leave for 20 minutes, then rinse with warm water. [2]Honey and oats: Oats help to absorb excessive oils from the skin, and honey also softens the skin and disinfects it, and can benefit from the properties of honey and oats by preparing a paste by mixing half a cup of cooked oat flour, with a cup of cup of cup of cup of honey and left to cool, then put on the skin sebum is left for 15 minutes, washed with warm water, and it is recommended to repeat the recipe once or twice a week to relieve the grease of the skin. [3]Skin restorationSkin hy

2 Skin restoration

dration can be done to get rid of the damaged skin layers to get a healthy skinless skin; And it is by doing some of the main steps of the doctor, which are the following: [4]Chemical mulching: where the doctor uses a specific type of acid; To get rid of the surface layer of the skin, which helps in the treatment of deep scarring in the skin, and thus the skin begins to restore within 7 to 10 days after the start of treatment.Laser: The laser increases the consistency of the skin surface and the skin.Surgical procedure: Some cases may need to perform surgery to remove scars and damaged skin bags.PharmacotherapyThere are many drug treatments through which spots and acne can be treated in the skin, the most important of which are: [5]Retinoid: retinoids contribute to the treatment of acne and its effects, as it works to improve the process of regeneration of skin cells and improve its texture, it also reduces scarring and reduces the change of skin color, but in turn the retinoid works to increase the sensitivity of the skin towards sunlight, so it is recommended to use a sunscreen when using creams containing retinoid.Alpha hydroxy acids: alpha hydroxy acid works to get rid of dead

3 pharmacokinetics

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Treating acne and spots

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