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Treating acne in the face – ” Contents1 Acne2 Treating acne in the face3 Tips to get rid of acne4 referencesAcneAcne is a common skin condition among people that occurs in different parts of the body, such as: face, shoulders, appearance, neck, chest and captains. Youthful love appears in different stages of human life, but it abounds in adulthood, and the cause is due to hormonal disorders that affect the body at this stage, causing the growth of fatty glands, and makes it secrete more oils on the skin, which leads to the appearance of youthful love. There are several factors that help the appearance of youthful love, such as: heredity, anxiety and the use of oil-based composition. Many medical treatments are found that help to solve this problem, as some resort to the search for natural recipes, as they are safe on the skin, and inexpensive, and we will talk in this article on how to eliminate acne and limit its spread. [1]Treating acne head onMedical methods to get rid of acneSome cases require a visit to a doctor, and certain medical treatments and techniques can be prescribed to eliminate acne, including the following: [2]Light and laser: this is an effective and common treatment, which treats inflamed,

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severe and cystic acne.Hormonal therapy: where you can talk to the doctor when the problem is associated with hormonal disorders such as pregnancy, adulthood, menopause or taking medications that affect hormone levels.Surgical Therapy: This method is used after diagnosing the skin condition and providing numerous treatments to eliminate acne. Dermabrancy is one of the types of surgeries that can be performed to eliminate surface scars and reduce the depth of acne scars.Natural recipes for acne treatmentAlthough there is no radical solution to the problem of acne, it is possible to use some of the home remedies in the kitchen, it is available and easy to prepare, including: [3]Baking soda: baking soda is used as a natural scrub for the skin, and a pH is balanced on the skin, because it contains anti-inflammatory properties, and is therefore an effective recipe to eliminate the love of youth, and the way is: [3 ]]ingredients:Two tablespoons of baking soda.One teaspoon of cinnamon powder.Half a lemon juice.Five tablespoons of honey.How to prepare:Mix the ingredients together to make a paste.The paste is placed on the skin of the face and leave it for five minutes.The skin is washed wi

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th water.Repeat the recipe once or twice a week.Coconut oil recipe: it moisturizes coconut oil and maintains its elasticity, because it has antibacterial properties, and oxidation regenerates skin cells, and therefore it helps to treat young love, and its method is: [4]Ingredients: A few drops of coconut oil.How to prepare:The oil is slightly warm, then placed on the skin with the fingertips.The skin is rubbed with oil with circular movements on it.Leave the oil on the face for a few hours.The recipe is repeated twice a day.The recipe is suitable for all skin types.Note: Coconut oil is considered safe; it can be used for all ages.Green tea recipe: green tea helps to treat young love, as it contains important antioxidants for the skin, so it is an effective recipe to eliminate young love. The way is:[4]ingredients:Pour to two tablespoons of green tea leaves.One cup of water.One teaspoon of to prepare:Boil a cup of water and add green tea leaves.Leave the green tea for a few minutes to calm down.Add a spoonful of honey to the steeped green tea and stir.Green tea drinks hot.Drink two or three cups a day.Note: The recipe is suitable for all skin types.Fenugreek: Fenugreek is

used to treat acne because it contains anti-inflammatory properties and antioxidant properties, as it acts as an antiseptic and sterilized for the skin. The method is: [3]ingredients:One teaspoon of fenugreek powder.A little to prepare:Mix fenugreek with water; For a paste.The paste is applied to the affected area for twenty minutes or overnight.The area is washed with water.Repeat the method two to three times a week.Oats: oats are very useful in limiting the spread of acne because they sterilize, clean the pores of the skin, absorb the oils accumulated on the skin, in addition to the ability to use it as a skin scrub, and its method is: [3 ]]ingredients:One teaspoon of honey.Half a lemon juice.One cup of cooked to prepare:Mix the ingredients together.Place the mixture on the face, then gently massage.Leave the mixture for half an hour on the area, then wash off with warm water.The process is repeated once or twice a week for best results.Tips for getting rid of acneThere are tips that it is recommended to eliminate young love, including:[5]Choose an appropriate cleanser for the type of skin: it is recommended to choose an appropriate cleanser for the type of

skin, for each skin has its own detergent, for example sensitive skin does not need a cleanser that contains chemicals, because of its damage to it, and dry skin, needs a cleanser without alcohol and normal skin, it is best to use anecdobic bodies, such as: salicylic acid or benzwell peroxide.Make sure to remove makeup: it is always prudent to remove makeup, before practicing exercise, and before going to sleep, leaving makeup on the skin increases the accumulation of germs and closes the pores, so that the skin hurts and leads to the appearance of youthful love.Avoid playing with pimples: it is recommended to avoid playing with pimples or squeezing them; Because this makes it worse, because the pressure on it can push the bacteria, pus into the skin pores and make it last longer.Change lifestyle for the better: where lifestyle changes can be made; To avoid the appearance of pills for young people, or their treatment, by washing the face twice a day, taking care to drink a sufficient amount of water and follow a healthy diet that includes vegetables and fruits, and it is also recommended to exercise acid dates.the reviewerWas the article useful?

Treating acne in the face

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