Treating dark circles around the eyes

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Treating dark circles around the eyes – ” Contents1 face2 causes of dark circles under the eyes3 ways to treat dark circles around the eyesThe faceThe face is considered one of the most important areas of the body being the first expressive of the human personality by looking at it, so it must be taken care of as much as possible, making the skin clear and pure from pimples and grains, in addition to the need to pay attention to the eyes and eyelashes, and make sure that the face is a uniform color, not, it contains auras, especially auras under the eyes. Many people suffer from the problem of circles under the eyes, looking for appropriate methods to solve them and return the color united with the rest of the skin.Causes of dark circles under the eyesLack of sleep and insomnia.Take a group of medications that are effects, such as nervous medications, alcohol, drugs and smoking addiction play a major role in their appearance.Genetic factor; The gene is passed down through the generations of a family.Low blood pressure in the body.Poor psychological state and neurological disorders.Use of cheap quality types of makeup, which leads to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes.Depression, or anemia as a result of malnut

2 causes of dark circles under the eyes

rition or severe bleeding.Exposure to a lot of radiation as a result of watching television for long hours or working on computer devices continuously.The date of the menstrual cycle is approaching, in this case it is considered a passage that disappears as soon as the menstrual cycle is over, and many pregnant women are exposed to these auras during pregnancy as a result of the depletion of its body elements by the fetus.Methods to treat dark circles around the eyesAs the mint compresses, they are made by soaking mint leaves with a little water, then mixing them with an electric blender and applying them on dark circles.Coconut oil: A little oil is applied around the eyes and left for at least 15 minutes, then wipe it with warm water.Black tea bags, which are constantly available at home: are soaked with water and then put them on the eyes while they are closed for 20 minutes; This method also reduces bloating around the eyes.Cucumber juice: a cucumber seed is peeled and crushed to produce water that is applied to the dark circles, and two drops of lemon can be added to the cucumber water, but be careful when applying them, so you should stay away from the eyes .Potato slices, and

3 Ways to treat dark circles around the eyes

this is done by exfoliating a small potato and cut them into slices placed on the eyes while they are closed for five minutes a day.Eat healthy foods that contain the important elements of the body, including vitamins, minerals and proteins.Drink more than two liters a day, in addition to drinking cool beverages, such as fruit juices.Keep nerves calm and avoid stress.Review the plastic surgeon or dermatologist to perform injections for the area if the cause is hereditary.Was the article helpful?

Treating dark circles around the eyes

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