Treating dark circles naturally

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Treating dark circles naturally – ” Contents1 dark circles2 Treatment of naturally dark circles3 referencesDark circlesThe problem of dark circles is one of the widespread problems, which leads to an inconvenience to the affected person, as it works to show pallor and fatigue in the face, and there are many reasons that lead to the occurrence of these auras and the most important of them; Not getting enough sleep, in addition to a lack of certain types of vitamins, and lack of adequate amounts of food, which the body needs fluids, especially water. The most interesting categories of treatment of this problem are the category of women, and it has resorted to the use of many cosmetic products that lead temporarily to hide these auras as a corrector, but there are many natural remedies that lead to get rid permanently of these auras . [1]Treating dark circles naturallyThere are many natural remedies to get rid of dark circles under the eyes, which are two types:Vegetable treatmentAmong these vegetables are useful to the eye: [2]Option: This is one of the vegetables available at any time, and it is one of the effective treatments to get rid of dark circles, and it is characterized by ease of use, and this is done by cu

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tting it into several pieces, then Put it directly on the eyes, and it should remain for a period of at least ten minutes, after the end of this period, the eyes are washed with cold water, taking into account the recurrence of the process until the required results are achieved .Potatoes: They have an effective and significant effect when using them to get rid of dark circles, and this is done by peeling them and cutting several slices, and then they are placed directly on the eyes, and discarded for a period of time, to achieve good results.Treatment in other waysOf these methods: [3]Silver Spoon: These are somewhat strange treatments, but it is one of the best treatments used to get rid of dark circles, and it is used by bringing a spoonful and putting it in the refrigerator, and you need to leave to cool for a Period of at least three minutes, then it should be applied to the eyes, taking into account their press, then the difference will be observed when used.Cold tea bags: these bags are used after preparing them in a cup of boiling water, and work to remove them from this cup, then put them in the refrigerator to cool, and leave for a period of at least three minutes, then P

ut the eyes gently, while avoiding pressure and leaving it for a period of time not less than ten minutes, and after completing their use, the eyes should be washed with cold water, in order to get the effective result to get rid of these auras.Rose water: it is considered one of the treatments that give an effective result in its treatment, bringing clean cotton and dipping it with rose water, and working to wipe it, then leave for a period of at least fifteen Minutes, and this process does not need to wash and clean after completing it.the reviewerWas the item useful?

Treating dark circles naturally

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