Treating dark circles with laser

1 dark circles

Treating dark circles with laser – ” Contents1 dark circles1.1 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles1.2 Treating dark circles1.3 Tips for the prevention of dark circlesDark circlesThe eyes are among the most common parts of beauty and health for a person, and the eyes are beautiful when they are healthy and natural, and the person loses an important part of its beauty in case of disease and unhealthy, and one of the The healthiest problems that affect the eyes are the dark circles that appear under the eyes, and make them tired, it affects the purity of the face, its beauty and attractiveness.The three blacks are a blackness that affects the skin directly under the eye, and it can occur as a result of a defect in the body, because the area under the eye is thin skin, and reflects the color of blood, this can Predict the presence of blood problems and can be contained on carbon dioxide.The reasons for the emergence of dark circlesThere are many causes of the appearance of dark circles under the eye, as they do not appear for a reason, and these are:Fatigue, tiredness, lack of sleep and smoking.Skin problems due to lack of care and malnutrition.Having heart problems.Age due to the lack of fat under the eye wit

1.1 The reasons for the emergence of dark circles

h age.Genetics, which is the presence of dark coloring in different areas of the body.Dysfunction of blood pressure and its decrease of normal rate.Fatigue and mental and nervous exhaustion.Use unhealthy cosmetics in abundance.Suffering from allergies.Treating dark circlesDark circles can be treated in more than one way, but before treatment, the main cause of this condition must be known until they are treated before resorting to treatment of the secondary problem.Medical therapy:Treatment with medical preparations: such as creams that the doctor can prescribe to the patient depending on his condition and need.Laser therapy: The laser removes the dead skin and stimulates the growth of new skin, so that this layer is removed with the same principle of chemical peeling, by using simple substances and peeled for the skin and moisturizing and nutritious materials for it, and Laser therapy is a successful and effective treatment and does not have bad side effects; But a good medical center must be chosen.Naturally: there are many natural recipes that can be used to treat dark circles under the eye, including:Almond oil: Almond oil is very important to nourish the skin and maintain its

1.2 Treating dark circles

purity, and a small amount of almond oil can be applied around the eyes and leave it overnight, then wash it off with cold water.Rose water: it works to replenish the skin cells and relieves eye fatigue, and a cotton ball can be soaked with rose water and put it on the eye after closing it, and leave it for about a quarter of an hour.Tips to prevent dark circlesPhysical and psychological comfort and sufficient sleep.Be careful to eat blood strengthening and rich in vitamins beneficial for the skin.Leave smoking and alcohol.Do not be exposed to the harmful sun.Expect facial hygiene and wash it constantly, especially when applying cosmetic materials.Was the article useful?

1.3 Tips for the prevention of dark circles

Treating dark circles with laser

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