Treating the effects of acne in laser

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Treating the effects of acne in laser – ” Contents1 acne2 laser acne treatments3 positive to use laser beams4 Negatives to use laser beams5 Prevention and protection of the skin after laser sessionsAcneThe problem of acne is one of the most obsessive skin problems for young people that increase their anxiety and annoyance, and despite the diversity of treatment and the multiplicity of natural recipes that can be used to get rid of it, it remains as a nightmare.This interferes with the lives of many, especially teenagers, which makes them not satisfied with solutions and home remedies, they resort to medical treatment with laser rays.Laser acne treatmentThe treatment consists of passing the laser light on the place of the grains, causing the destruction of the external cells of the skin and taking into account the absence of using a strong laser. It is with the intention of harming the inner skin layers, and the laser used in the treatment varies, including the treatment of laser dye, and treatment using carbon dioxide or treatment with argon and nimodimium, but the common type is used Lately are a fragmented laser treatment that sends laser beams without causing burns to the skin.The doctor treating with a survey on the

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face with a narcotic substance divided in front of the sections, and determines the intensity of the laser depending on the type of depth to be achieved and the duration of the effect of the grains and its intensity on the skin, then after completion, calm creams and moisture are placed repeatedly during the day, and a number of sessions must be done to notice the results, which appear after the third session, and for nearly ten sessions need to get treatment.Benefits of using laser beamsRid the skin of acne.Smooth the skin.Reduce melanin dye, which is the cause of the appearance of spots.Diameters of the use of laser raysAlthough the laser is used to get rid of the effects of acne, it can cause burns to the treated area.Skin redness.Increased skin sensitivity to light.Sometimes the laser causes skin pigmentation.Long treatment period.Avoid going out during the day and sunlight.The cost of the treatment is expensive.Specialized dermatologist.Prevention and protection of the skin after laser sessionsAfter exposure to laser radiation, the skin becomes more sensitive and more fortuitous in the appearance of more spots, and it is necessary to ensure to keep the grains treated, and this

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is through skin disinfectants, in addition to the need to Stay away from skin care products, which contain oils and fats, and avoid the appearance of the sun throughout the treatment period, which can last more than a month, and for women, cosmetics can only be placed on the face after 21 hours have passed since the removal of the face, which does not exceed one day.Was the article useful?

4 negatives to use laser rays

Treating the effects of acne in laser

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