Treatment for blackness under the eye

1 Natural recipes to treat blackness under the eye

Treatment for blackness under the eye – ” Contents1 natural recipes for treating darkness under the eye2 medical treatment for dark circles3 other solutions to treat darkness under the eye4 referencesNatural recipes to treat darkness under the eyeThere are solutions that reduce the problem of blackness under the eyes, such as:[1]Option: The option consists of 95% of water capable of softening the black bags under the eyes and the rest of the area around the eye, provided that it is placed for 15 minutes to get the best effect.Cold tea bags: Tea contains tannins that help reduce swelling under the eyes and put two pieces of cold tea bags for about 10 minutes that make contact with the eyes in tea bags.Patience: Patience enters the components of many products specially designed to get rid of and reduce bags under the eyes. Patience is known since the oldest ability to renew the tired skin.Medical therapy to treat dark circlesSurgical and medical intervention may be necessary to correct the problem of dark circles under the eyes, such as: [2]Laser surgery: Studies have shown that laser therapy destroys melanin, which is one of the causes of dark skin, as it is used to tighten the skin and remove excess skin that causes swel

2 Medical treatment for the treatment of dark circles

ling under the eyes and encourages the formation of new Collagen in the skin, but these good actions do not reduce its risks and drawbacks, such as: the many expenses and post-surgical pain that takes weeks until it is recovered, and it can cause scarring, and any surgery is not light injuries to infection after surgery.Cosmetic injection: cosmetic surgeons and dermatologists resort to treating dark circles with a cosmetic filler injection, because they reduce the melanin and blood vessels that are the reason for the color change of the skin around the eyes, but this is many negative effects, including: flooding Swelling of the skin around the eyes for several weeks or months, bruising, exposure to allergies from the injection, and can aggravate the dark circles under the eyes.Other solutions to treat dark under-eyeThere are other solutions approved by experts in their effects to reduce dark circles under the eyes, namely:[3]Sleep: sleep is an easy way to help reduce black eye auras regardless of the condition, as it helps the body to do the function of regenerating the damaged skin cells.Avoid caffeine: caffeine causes the skin to become slightly dry, which makes the dark circles

3 other solutions to treat blackness under the eye

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Treatment for blackness under the eye

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