Treatment of dry skin

1 dry skin of the hands

Treatment of dry skin – “Contents1 dry skin on the hands2 symptoms of dry skin3 Treatment of dry hands4 VIDEO PELET THE SKIN OF DIGNITARIESDry skinMany people, especially women, suffer from the problem of dry skin on their hands due to several reasons, including: environmental factors such as Exposure to the sun for long hours without protection, or exposure to dry air in winter, or Due to the use of soap with an acidity that is not suitable for the skin and especially if the skin is sensitive, or due to the use of cleaning materials excessively without wearing the paws, or washing hands with hot water and not drying them and not moisturizing them constantly, or due to various skin diseases such as eczema and psoriasis, also plays aging, genetic factors and a defect in the performance of the thyroid gland, diabetes has a role in dry skin.Symptoms of dry skinFeeling that the skin is specifically tight after swimming or bathing.The hardness of the skin instead of its softness; Where the skin looks dry.The presence of itching in the skin can be severe in some cases.The presence of visible crews and lines on the skin in addition to redness.The presence of explosive discords in the skin and in some cases are a

2 Symptoms of dry skin

ccompanied by bleeding.Treatment of dry handsVaselineIt is considered a natural material that effectively treats dry hands; It contains a high percentage of concentrated fats that deeply moisturize the pores of the skin and protect it from dehydration; Therefore, it is recommended to apply the skin daily before going to bed, wear cotton gloves at night and wash the skin in the morning.Coarse peeled salt and olive oilThe scrub removes dead skin cells and dry scales accumulate on it, and it is used by mixing two tablespoons of sea salt with an equal amount of olive oil evenly, and massaging the hands with the mixture in a circular motion for Ten minutes before washing the hands with warm water and dry them well and moisturize them with a moisturizer, it is recommended to use the mixture once a week.Lemon and honeyThe mixture works to effectively moisturize the skin and lighten its color, and is used by mixing appropriate amounts of honey and lemon juice evenly, and chewing the hands with the mixture for five minutes before washing, drying them well and moisturizing them.Glycerin and rose waterMix about 75 milliliters of glycerin with 25 milliliters of a homogeneous floral water and a

3 Treatment of dry hands

pply the hands with the mixture at least once a day.Mask with banana and avocadoMash an avocado with a banana and mix the ingredients until you have a homogeneous paste, and put the paste on the hands for fifteen minutes before washing the hands with cold water, drying them and moisturizing them, and it is recommended to use the mask daily.Video peeling skin from fingersBoth hands are exposed to many factors and chemicals on a daily basis that lead to their dryness and peel off the skin from the fingers, so how do you get rid of it? :Was the article helpful?

4 video peeling the skin of the fingers

Treatment of dry skin

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