Types of acne scars

1 types of acne scars

Types of acne scars – “Contents1 types of acne scars2 medical treatments for acne scars3 tips for acne scars tips4 referencesTypes of acne scarsAcne scars appear in several forms and can be classified according to their depth, size or shape, and in the following we will mention the types of acne scars, which are: [1]Weak scars: these are scars that appear weak from the surface of the skin and are caused by collagen deficiency during the healing of acne wounds, and they are divided into three types:Boxcar scars: Hindoub with sharp edges, can be superficial or a deep hole, and the easier it is to treat its treatment, and its response faster.Ice scars: these are tight and deep scars, which resemble a V-shaped, similar to the signs that chickenpox leaf, causing a hole, rounded or oval in the skin, which are difficult to treat; Due to its extension below the surface of the skin.Rolling scars: Usually they are weak and their edges are round, and they appear in a sinuous and irregular appearance.Raised or prominent scars: these are the scars that usually spread to the chest and back, and appear above the surface of the skin in the form of a plateau, and it is produced due to the increase of collagen when heali

2 Medical treatments for acne scars

ng acne wounds.Dark spots: this is one of the effects left by acne, and it appears as spots, or dark skin pigmentation, such as purple, red or brown, and then begins to fade after a few months.Medical treatments for acne scarsThere are medical treatments that rid the skin of acne scars, including:Using a rotating wire brush technology, which removes the outer layer of skin, improves the growth of new cells. [2]Laser exfoliation to get rid of scars: by exfoliating the skin surface; To improve collagen production, develop new tissue, and this technique is characterized by a speed of recovery, compared to other treatments. [1]Therapy: This treatment involves the injection of scars with drugs, which are softened and flattened, including: acorticosteroid, and chemical medicated fluorouracil, where these injections can be used sequentially, and with a treatment period extending for several weeks.Chemical exfoliation: using a solution that burns the surface of the skin and stimulates the growth of new tissue; To get rid of scars. [2]Using a surgeon: uses the technique of scar correction, and this technique is used for clear scars, where doctors replace by these scars with small scars not

3 tips for tips from acne scars

visible skin, returning the tissues low and approaching a high level, in accordance with the rest of the skin, the scar does not become noticeable. [1]Tips for acne scar dedicationsPrevention is better than cure, and it is possible to follow some preventive tips, to prevent acne scars, including:[3]Wash the face at least twice a day.Remove makeup, clean the face before going to sleep.Do not squeeze or play with the rash.Not exposed to the sun and apply sunscreen before going out.Eat a healthy, balanced diet that contains whole grains, legumes, fresh fruits, vegetables, fish and nuts.the reviewerWas the article helpful?

Types of acne scars

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