Types of peeling

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Types of peeling – “Contents1 peel2 types of peeling3 General information about the coatPeelingPeeling is a process of spoiling or removing a layer of dead skin layers, by applying a specific material on the skin which consists of soft granules, so it works to remove this layer, impurities and dirt stuck in the skin, which stimulates blood circulation and The skin gains pink and bright colors, in addition to providing it with a kind of freshness vitality, the skin gains soft texture and shine, minimizes large pores, tightens the skin and relieves sunburn.Coat TypesScaleThis type of exfoliation is based on exfoliating the outer layer of the skin, so that the skin gains a wonderful glow and freshness, and this type of peeling is used almost every month to get the best results so that it is repeated (6- 7) times, and it can be used at home.Anti-mix peelIt is a yellow mask that is placed on the skin by the doctor in the clinic, and the skin stays for almost (8) hours or placed at night before going to bed and removed in the morning, so that the skin appears red after removing it .It is used for a week, then the skin returns to its light pink color naturally, and is often used in case of face to face, and

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this exfoliation consists of cogkic acid and fruit.Medium peelThis exfoliant is used by acihetic acid to treat surface facial wrinkles, and it is applied by a specialist or doctor, and is used for one week, so the skin becomes brown during the treatment period, then returns to the normal color, freshness and natural glow, and works to peel and tighten the skin, but is prevented a person from leaving the house throughout the treatment period or exposure to the sun.PeelingUsing phenol is done inside the hospital and under the supervision of a specialist, the patient remains under cardiac monitoring, as this type is rarely used for its risk, but works to eliminate large and deep wrinkles with the skin.Exfoliation of acneIt is used to eliminate acne, in which salicylic acid is used, and is used for two or three days. As for the removal of acne scars, it is used as tricoric acid.Laser peelingUnder the supervision of the doctor through laser beams, this type is similar to chemical peeling and is repeated once a month by about (4) sessions until the patient gets the desired result, and is used to remove wrinkles and red spots.General information about peelingPeeling is one of the best co

3 General Information about peeling

sts for eliminating melasma, as it can eliminate (50%) of melasma.Exfoliation can be used to whiten the skin.Laser peeling is painful and easy and gives quick and safe results.Sunlight should not be exposed during the treatment period with all types of peels.Was the article helpful?

Types of peeling

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